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10 Tips for a Romantic Trip to Grenada

Whether you’ve just got married and you’re heading to Grenada for your honeymoon, or you are looking to reconnect with your loved one, we’ve got some tips for a romantic trip to Grenada for you.

Seeing as we’re considered to be one of the most romantic hotels in Grenada, and have many couples staying with us who are looking to enjoy our tropical setting to connect with their loved one, we feel we’re perfectly qualified to give you the low down.

tips for a romantic trip to Grenada

Tips for a romantic trip to Grenada

Get ready for romance, take these tips and apply them to your trip and you’ll have a wonderful time full of whatever it is that sets both your hearts aflutter.

  1. It’s your choice. Romantic trips should be based around whatever it is that is your definition of romantic. This might be holding hands as you walk along a beautiful white sand beach. Or you may find having a candlelit dinner as you whisper about what you love about your relationship romantic. Whatever romance is to you, build your trip around it and you’ll have a wonderful time.
  2. Romantic things to do. If you’re looking at us for some ideas in this department, we have a few for you. How about riding on a fisherman’s boat over to a deserted island for a picnic? Or how about watching leatherback turtles lay eggs in the moonlight on the beautiful Levera Beach. Perhaps a walk along either our beach or another local beach?
  3. Show your love. There are many things to do here, and we can help you set up some extra like dinner for two on your private verandah. Maybe the way you can show your love is by driving your loved one to visit local waterfalls or other attractions with our car hire?
  4. Choose our most romantic room. We have plenty to choose from, it might be our honeymoon suite or a beachfront cottage that overlooks the sand and waves. It’s your choice and we can help you decide. Both have views of the Grenadines. Boutique hotels are far more romantic than chain hotels or hotels close to a city.
  5. Come with the children. We have a family room that you can bring the children along to, but they can sleep in the other side of the cottage that is attached by a door. You and your loved one can enjoy sitting under the moonlight on the verandah and some privacy. The children will get worn out and tired when they use our swimming pool and you can enjoy some late-night ‘couple time’.tips for a romantic trip to Grenada
  6. Go all out for romance. More than chocolate and flowers, more than champagne, romance is about putting yourself out for the other person. Do something unexpected and thoughtful. A romantic gesture. How about upgrading the room or taking a honeymoon package? Or even take our all-inclusive package.
  7. Tell us your plans. If you let us know that you are looking for a truly romantic time, then we can help. We will be able to put some romance in your room for your arrival (think flowers, chilled wine, chocolate) or you could enjoy dinner on your verandah when you return from a day out.
  8.  Leave your phone at home. or at least turn it off and set up a message for your email. You can then disconnect and focus on having a romantic trip in Grenada.
  9. Bring romance with you. You could bring along the music of when you first met, or pack something that you two both love and associate with your own love story. (By the way here’s out Spotify playlist, in case you want to start getting in the mood for a romantic trip together to the paradise of Grenada).
  10. Make new memories. Try something new together. This could be anything from an activity to a new food or drink. It will strengthen your relationship and give you a shared history to cherish years down the line.

For new or established couples, there’s nothing better than creating memories together. By following our tips for a romantic trip to Grenada, you’ll be doing a fine job of that. We look forward to meeting you as a couple.

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If you have any tips for a romantic trip to Grenada, please leave them in the comments for others to read.

tips for a romantic trip to Grenada

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