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Guide to Staying Romantic on Your Trip to Grenada

guide-romantic-grenadaWant to keep things romantic? Check out our tips to keeping your sultry nights torrid as you enjoy the mystique of Grenada with your loved one.


Water is always flowing in Grenada, and it’s always romantic. There are several waterfalls on the island in addition to it being surrounded by a beautiful sea of azure. You might want to snorkel on our local island. Sandy Island is paradise and you’ll see that when you arrive.You can even take a picnic with you and stay long enough to watch the sun and the moon in the same sky.


beach-199x300What’s romance without nature? Well there’s plenty of nature in this part of the world. You can try climbing a coconut tree together, or if that’s not your thing, then sharing the moment of watching a ginormous leatherback turtle land on the sandy shoreline in the dark could be. Otherwise just enjoy each others company as you spend leisurely moments relaxing and reenergizing on this beautiful Caribbean island.

Good Food

Although music is said to be the food of love, we think they got it wrong. Surely good food is the food of love. We serve delights such as mahi mahi with coconut sauce, shrimps in sauce and chocolate mousse and our restaurant is very popular with the romantically minded. The background music is usually set to enhance the moment. If you have a favourite romantic song, just ask.

beachfront_cottage_from-behindPrivate cottages with a sea view

Sitting on the verandah sipping tea as you look out over the Caribbean Sea has to be up there when it comes to romance. We’ve got some stunning views, but we think you’ll like the cottages as they are almost all located individually so that you can enjoy long hours of chatting into the night without being overheard. (You may need to excuse the tree frogs and the cane toads as they are rather noisy, but it all adds to the ambiance).


romanctic-GrenadaEven eating together can be romantic, especially first thing in the day after you’ve spent a beautiful evening together and you have another full day together ahead. We serve breakfast any way you like, with fresh fruit, pancakes or a full English. It’s entirely up to you, but we do suggest stealing a kiss from your sweetheart when they aren’t looking.

Petite Anse Hotel is ideal for those who are in the throes of serious romance. And if you aren’t – don’t worry. You will soon be if you spend enough time around here.

Bye bye stress – hello love story!




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