Sauteurs, Grenada – 29C
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Places to Visit in Grenada

There are many different place to visit in Grenada and things that you can do during your stay at the Petite Anse Beachfront Hotel.

We are located in the quieter northern part of the island and are within easy access of plenty of activities, landmarks, great beaches, waterfalls, and places that you should NOT miss. Even though it’s more peaceful around here, it doesn’t mean that you cannot find some fabulous things to do that will be memorable experiences.

Here is what TripAdvisor suggests in terms of places to visit that are close to us. Click here.

Places to visit and things to do in Grenada

Here are some ideas:

Go to Mt Qua Qua

Visit Sandy Island

Go Turtle Watching

Visit Bathway Beach

Go for a Hike

Go birdwatching

A picnic at David Beach

Find a Mona Monkey

Discover more about Grenada Chocolate

Lay on the beach

Go for a swim

Eat Lunch

Eat Dinner

Eat Breakfast

Try our All Day Menu

Or head up to the Welcome Stone just as Andre did when he spent the day showing our guests around.

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