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Sunday Morning Hike in Grenada

If you’re looking to hike in Grenada, then we’ve got a lot of trails for you. In our reception area, you’ll find several maps that will show you the routes you can take of local hiking trails. There is also a smartphone available to you that you can use as a GPS to follow the walking routes. We also have a hiking guide who you can read more about here.

We have put up some other Grenada hiking routes that you can find by clicking on the link. If you need to know anything, just contact us and we will do all we can to help.

hiking in grenada
The walk is peaceful and we passed perhaps just one car on the way.

Hiking in Grenada

There are plenty of places for hiking in Grenada. We also offer maps and routes from the hotel and will advise you on where to go to enjoy the nature and beauty of the island.

Every Sunday we hike to Duquesne Bay

We’ve even got our own regular hike which takes place every Sunday morning from Petite Anse through David and onto Duquesne Bay. It’s a great walk for everybody, no matter your walking experience or fitness. It’s just 2.7 miles without any big hills to struggle up or big rivers to cross! The walk is US$10 per person.

Although there is actually a small river to cross sometimes that crosses the beach when we reach Duquesne. If there’s been heavy rain, you may have to walk through it. On the last Sunday that we went it had been raining the day before, so it was about 6 inches high and around 8 feet across. If it hasn’t been raining, then you should be able to hop over it without getting your shoes wet.

When we reach Duquesne Bay, we stop off for a refreshment at the bar and then somebody will collect us in a vehicle so that we can return to Petite Anse for the Sunday BBQ buffet lunch.

grenada hiking trails
At first we thought this donkey was Darius, but this was not a male donkey.

Walk from Petite Anse to Duquesne Bay

On Sunday morning we meet at around 10.30am at Petite Anse Hotel. This is where we start the walk.  To give you an idea of our hiking route, we follow the exit up the hill out of Petite Anse and turn right towards David. We walk until we reach the turn in the road to David, follow the road down through the valley and then take the coastal path along to Duquesne Bay beach. There are places to view coves and the coast along the path.

map walking trail Duquesne Bay Grenada
How the walk appears on our smartphone.

Who walks:

The group usually consists of both hotel guests and some residents of the local area who walk with us every week. This makes for some interesting chats as it’s an opportunity for hotel guests to discover more about the nature, flora and fauna of Grenada in addition to discovering what it’s like to live in Grenada. It’s a great time to mingle with other guests or with people that you haven’t met before.

Photos from the walk

This last week we took the walk, and took our cameras along so that you can see the beauty without even leaving your armchair. We hope that one day you’ll join us too. If you happen to live in Grenada, then do come up and join us on the walk. It’s not strenuous and provides a social opportunity and ends with refreshments at the local bar.

If you stay with us as a guest, then we highly recommend doing the walk for a good stretch and exercise. We measure it to be less than 10,000 steps if you’re a FitBit fan or a step counter.

Here are a few images we took along the way..

We came across a friendy lady donkey.
hiking trails in Grenada
The village of David is just a mile or so away. Chickens in the garden.
Grenada hiking David
The centre of the village of David.
Sunday walk in Grenada
We entered a valley and passed a goat and her kids.
hike grenada
A charming wooden house in a beautiful setting.
walking hiking houses
Another wooden home.
hiking trails of grenada
Walking along the coastal path and peeking through the leaves at the coves.
We reached Duquesne Bay.
hiking grenada beach house
A fascinating wooden beach house along Duquesne Bay.
Duquesne Bay walk
Duquesne Bay also has some hieroglyphics that are worth looking for.
This is also part of Duquesne Bay.
end Grenada hike
The end goal – Bev’s Rum Shop.
grenada walking
Looking up the road from Bev’s Rum Shop.
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