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Petite Anse Massage Therapy

blind masseur grenadaOur blind masseur gives truly relaxing massage therapy treatments

Designed to support guests in the process of unwinding and relaxing, the Petite Anse Massage Therapy is known for its health benefits. Available to both guests and visitors, the massage therapy treatments we offer are some of the best in Grenada.

Our masseur makes it possible to try a blind massage – which is a unique and special experience.

Dion – blind massage in Grenada

Dion provides something different. He is fully trained in a range of massage styles and is known for a remarkably high-level of tactile sensitivity. As far as we know he is the only person offering blind massage in Grenada.

Using a thorough knowledge of the human body, channels and pressure points, Dion knows exactly how to manipulate and knead tension away. In brief, his treatment eases muscles, tendons and ligaments and leaves you feeling relaxed and renewed.

grenada hotel massage


If you opt for a massage with Dion, each treatment is 60 minutes (EC$130)

Enjoy a massage that suits your preferred level of pressure.  Therefore, if you prefer strokes that are gentle and relaxing, then just ask and it shall be done. Massage can be delivered either in your room or on the verandah.

Swedish Massage: choose the level of pressure that suits you. Coupled with the use of essential oils, classic Swedish Massage strokes leads to tension relief, improved blood circulations and stress release.

Deep Tissue Massage: feel energised and stimulated with the firm pressure. As a rule, the deep tissue massage strokes focus on relieving tension leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

grenada massage therapy

Massage therapy for more relaxation

The health benefits of massage are significant. In this case, there’s no need to feel any guilt about indulging yourself. We are all aware of the need to take care of our wellness – physically, emotionally and mentally. For the most part, massage therapy goes a long way in supporting each of these.

Living in a fast-paced environment can have a cost. A lifestyle of being stressed and under time-pressure can lead to a ‘burnt out’ feeling. Although a stay at Petite Anse can help to address this, enjoying a massage with our trained blind masseur will help even more. As a result, you’ll be left feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

blind massage grenada

Benefits of massage therapy

Lauded as one of the oldest forms of healing, the history of massage goes back to the second century, BC. It’s recognised for delivering the following benefits:

1. Relaxation. The stress hormone cortisol is released when the body is under stress. As a result, cortisol can promote weight gain, insomnia, headaches and digestive problems. Massage therapy helps the body to enter a recovery mode and reduces stress levels, improves mood and gives a feeling of relaxation.

2. Lower blood pressure. Receiving regular massage therapy can help to reduce blood pressure levels. In addition, it can reduce trigger sources for tension, anxiety and depression. A lower blood pressure can reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack and/or kidney failure.

3. Improved circulation.  The long-term benefits of massage therapy are not insignificant. Therefore, as part of the snowball effect from massage, you can enjoy improved circulation that brings blood to stiff and tense muscles.

4. Better immune system. Lymph fluid circulation helps remove waste products away from internal organs and muscles. As a result, better lymph system management leads to better overall body function and protection for better resilience against health threats.

5. A more relaxed stay in Grenada. Without stiff and tense muscles you’ll enjoy your stay more with us at Petite Anse. Endorphins will be released which helps with nerves, healing and improved flexibility. Above all, your skin will be glowing, and you’ll feel far more relaxed.

Read more about the health benefits of massage.

Make your massage therapy reservation now

Our massage therapy with Dion is a favourite with regular guests. Try it for yourself and find out why.

To book a massage at Petite Anse, contact us here.

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