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Petite Anse Day Pass

petite anse day pass

We provide the Petite Anse day pass option to guests who are looking for a taste of what the hotel has to offer but are not looking to overnight with us. 

Here’s what we offer:

EC$160 – lunch and drinks
EC$230 – breakfast, lunch and drinks
EC$110 extra to add a room for the dayDay pass Petite Anse Hotel Grenada.

Petite Anse Day Pass for Breakfast and Lunch

REGULAR DAY PASS EC $230.00 per person 9am to 5pm includes breakfast, 2-course lunch and 3 cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Add a room for EC$110.

Just step over to our restaurant when you’re ready to eat, and our waitress will take your order. Head over to breakfast when you arrive as you don’t want to miss out. Last orders before 9.30am.

Here’s the breakfast menu.  If you’re thinking of tucking into a Grenadian breakfast, please note that they need to be ordered at least 24 hours in advance. We also offer a full English breakfast on our menu and you’re welcome to help yourself to our breakfast buffet. There are also other cooked options on our breakfast menu.

Spend the morning enjoying the ambience of the hotel, relaxing with your feet up and generally loving life!

When lunchtime comes around you might want to check out the lunch menu here. Alternatively, check out our all-day menu for other choices.

You can stay with us from 9am to 5pm so that you can enjoy every minute of your day and truly make the best of our relaxing environment. Swimming is good for you, here are the health facts to be aware of.

Petite Anse Day Pass with Lunch Only

LUNCH PASS EC $160 per person 11am to 5pm, includes 2 course lunch and 3 cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Add a room for EC$110.

There’s no better place to really switch off than at Petite Anse Hotel.   Here’s the lunch menu.  We also offer an all-day menu which you might prefer to order from.Petite Anse day pass

Take a room too

As mentioned above, we also offer a room with the package of your choice for just EC$110 extra. You can truly relax either alone or with your loved one. Each room has air conditioning, it’s own terrace or deck with a hammock and a sea view across to the islands of Carriacou and more.

If you’d love to bring the entire family with you, then here’s another bonus.

Petite Anse day passes are for adults only. So if you want to bring the children, the following applies:

8 years old and under come for free, and just pay for whatever they eat and drink.

Ages 9 to 15 pay EC$180 for a day pass including breakfast and lunch and 3 cocktails (non alcoholic).

Anybody over the age of 15 will pay the full price of a day pass.

The Petite Anse Day Pass needs to be booked in advance. Please call 442-5252 to do this.

Come and join us for a day of relaxation poolside or on the beach, whatever you like. Call us now on 442-5252 to reserve your day of leisure and good food.

Stop by for something to eat

If the Petite Anse day pass isn’t for you at this time, stop by for something to eat. Here are our menus:

Breakfast menu

Lunch menu

All day menu

Sample dinner menu

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