Sauteurs, Grenada – 29C
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grenada environmental protection hotelGrenada is a unique Caribbean island in terms of climate and geophysical features. It also plays host to the critically endangered Leatherback turtles during their annual nesting season amongst other endangered species. Petite Anse is proud to protect our island in addition to the planet’s resources.

Our hotel is one of the premier resorts on Grenada when it comes to playing its part for the environment. We support the turtle conservation program, use solar power for energy and grow as much of our own produce as possible.

Our environmentally conscious efforts in a nutshell:

  • dirty towel policy
  • use local produce
  • support local conservation work
  • use LED bulbs
  • conserve energy
  • use solar energy when possible
  • reuse recycle and reduce waste

Solar energy

We use solar energy to heat water on the majority of our cottages.

Protecting sea turtles

The owners, Philip and Annie, hold a lifelong love of nature, in particular sealife. They have partnered with Ocean Spirits turtle conservation program.

Learn more about our Turtle Watching and Ocean Spirits and how you can get involved.

Local and sustainable

Petite Anse Hotel was built by hand using hardwood that is sustainable. Talented artisans from the island crafted our furniture from wood and carved . We also have artwork from local artists.

The hotel is a premier employer in Sauteurs and the local villages. We also continue to support local businesses by buying freshly caught fish, produce and other supplies that we need to run the hotel.

Our chefs prepare meals from our fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs that we grow in our organic garden. We have also installed LED lights to save on energy.

From the recycling of ‘galvanage’/corrugated iron in our pieces of our artwork to our freshly picked coconuts, we put the environment first and do what we can to reuse, recycle and reduce.

Our Official Environmental Policy

Petite Anse Hotel is dedicated to ensuring guests enjoy their stay in Grenada whilst minimizing the impact on the environment of the resort. We use renewable energy and eco-friendly practices as much as possible.

Our policy is to:

  • Operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation.
  • Consider environmental impacts and concerns as we make informed decisions on a daily basis whilst performing tasks and activities.
  • Actively promote awareness of the environment and educate our staff on issues that relate to the environment and sustainable working practices.
  • Be a good neighbour in the community when it comes to be being environmentally responsible. Consider and correct incidents that could affect the environment or health.
  • Consider waste and other pollution and continually work on seeking substitutions and operational improvement to be environmentally responsible.
  • Re-use and recycle to reduce waste when possible and suitable.
  • Conserve energy and use it responsibly. Continue to improve energy efficiency and give work towards giving preference to renewable energy when possible.
  • Communicate our commitments to the environment to our guests, partners and staff and encourage them to use services and products in an environmentally conscious manner.
  • Correct any activity or condition that is not in alignment with this policy.


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