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Car Hire

Car Hire in Grenada

Hire a car and explore the local areas.

Petite Anse Now Has Two 4 Door Cars for Hire

Driving in Grenada is on the left and most roads on the island are in acceptable condition. There are some steep hills and sharp corners to navigate and you won’t find the same kerbs as you are used to. However, take your time, don’t be shy to toot your horn and you’ll do absolutely fine.

Local Driving License is Required to Drive in Grenada

The Government of Grenada requires that a driving license is purchased prior to you getting behind the wheel. This can be arranged at the Police Station in Grenville, which is about 6 miles away by bus. It costs EC$30 or around USD$12 and you will need to present your existing driving licence for your home country at the time.

Explore the island at your leisure by booking one of our car hire in Grenada options now.


We charge US$55 per day of car hire.

Our fleet for car hire in Grenada

Our cars typically come with air conditioning, radio and we can equip you with a map. It’s fun to be able to get around on the island and visit some places that perhaps you wouldn’t if you opted to take the public bus.

We can advise you on what you need to know about driving, so you can enjoy yourself driving around Grenada.

Contact us today about your car hire booking and before you know it, you’ll be exploring Grenada.


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