Sauteurs, Grenada – 29C
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Grenada Beaches : Part 2 David Beach

david-beach-grenada-300x127People travel far and wide to replace the cold of winter for the exquisite feeling of warm sand between the toes. As part of our series on Grenada beaches, we’re going to share with you a beach that can be crowded and busy on public holidays, but for the rest of the time, you’ll have it mostly to yourself.

Welcome to David Beach (pronounced as ‘Darvi’ Beach).

David Beach is easy to reach from Petite Anse Hotel, just a 5 minute drive up the road or just 20-30 minutes if you prefer to walk. On the way, you’ll most likely pass a family of goats and see some extraordinary trees such as the cocoa tree. I say ‘extraordinary’ as these aren’t commonplace in the colder climes, and if that is where you are visiting from – then I think you too will enjoy the experience. To think that one of the world’s favourite indulgences comes from the orange/red pod hanging down is quite amazing.

To reach the beach, you’ll need to take the road away from Sauteurs (as if you were going to travel down the west coast of the island). You will then be able to take a turn down a concrete road on the right. Follow it along, as it will turn into a trail. Drive for perhaps another half a mile and you will be able to walk down a hill to the beach.

David Beach is approximately a third of a mile long, and makes up the bay. There are a handful of fisherman boats on the beach. The slope of the beach is fairly gentle and on the day that we went, the waves were too.

If you head down to the far end, and walk up the steps you can reach another beach that is definitely worth a visit.

If you would like to take a picnic with you, Petite Anse can prepare you one for your beach trip.

If you aren’t staying at the hotel, but are just passing through, then take a look at David Beach. It’s a pleasant spot and somewhere that you can leave any stresses and strains behind as you enjoy the gentle lapping waves on the sandy shoreline.

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