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A Taste of Grenada: From Garden to Table at Petite Anse

Hello Foodies and Nature Lovers,

Welcome to Petite Anse, where we invite you on a culinary journey that begins right in our backyard! At Petite Anse, we don’t just offer you a place to stay; we bring you a celebration of Grenadian flavours, freshly cultivated from our lush gardens and sourced from trusted local fishermen and farmers. Join us as we dive into the vibrant world of locally sourced produce and turn it into delectable dishes for you to enjoy.

taste of Grenada BBQ lunch

Our Lush Gardens: A Bounty of Freshness

Our gardens are a tapestry of tropical delights where vibrant herbs and crisp vegetables thrive. We take pride in cultivating various produce on our grounds and in our local estate, ensuring a fresh and seasonal menu that captures the essence of Grenada in every bite. From bananas to passionfruit to grapefruit and oranges – our produce is organic and grown just a few minutes away from the hotel.

Meet Our Garden Guardians: Freshness Cultivated with Care

Our dedicated team tends to the gardens passionately and carefully, ensuring each plant thrives in the island’s rich soil and tropical climate. The result? Ingredients are bursting with flavour and goodness, harvested at their peak for an authentic Grenadian dining experience.

Adin, our groundsman taking a pumpkin to the kitchen.

From Garden to Table: A Culinary Symphony

Imagine our chef taking a stroll through our gardens, handpicking herbs and vegetables that grace your plate by evening. That’s the beauty of our ‘from garden to table’ philosophy. Whether it’s the aromatic basil in your pesto or the crisp lettuce in your salad, every bite tells a story of freshness and local abundance.

Trusted Local Sources: A Culinary Network We Cherish

While our gardens play a significant role, we extend our culinary reach to trusted local sources. Grenada is blessed with skilled fishermen and farmers who share our commitment to quality. Fresh catches and farm produce from these local heroes ensure our menus reflect Grenada’s culinary landscape.

A Seafood Symphony: Straight from the Fisherman’s Net

Grenada’s waters teem with seafood delicacies. Our local fishermen bring us the catch of the day, skillfully transformed by our chefs into mouthwatering dishes. From grilled fish to savoury seafood stews, every dish showcases the freshness of the sea.

Supporting the Local Community: A Shared Commitment

By sourcing locally, we bring you the finest flavours while contributing to the well-being of our community. It’s a shared commitment to sustainability and supporting the livelihoods of those who make Grenada the vibrant and welcoming place it is.

Your Culinary Adventure Awaits

As you sit down to enjoy a meal at Petite Anse, know that you’re not just dining; you’re embarking on a culinary adventure through the flavours of Grenada. From our gardens and trusted local sources to your plate, every element is carefully selected to bring you an authentic taste of the Isle of Spice.

Let’s explore the flavours that bloom in our gardens, creating a symphony of tastes that reflect the essence of Grenada.

Passion Fruit Paradise

Picture yourself surrounded by the vibrant hues and intoxicating fragrance of passion fruit vines. At Petite Anse, we cultivate these exotic treasures, plucking them at their ripest for a burst of tropical sweetness in our dishes. From refreshing beverages to tantalizing desserts, our passion fruit adds a touch of paradise to every bite.

Grapefruit Grove

Our gardens also boast a thriving grapefruit grove, where the citrusy aroma of fresh grapefruits fills the air. These zesty gems find their way into our culinary repertoire, enhancing salads, cocktails, and savoury dishes with their vibrant flavour. Each grapefruit is handpicked to ensure freshness that awakens the taste buds.

Bananas in Abundance

Grenada’s tropical climate provides the perfect conditions for cultivating bananas, and at Petite Anse, we have abundant golden treasures. From breakfast delights to delectable desserts, our locally grown bananas add a natural sweetness that complements our commitment to fresh, wholesome ingredients.

Herbal Haven: Basil and Thyme

Stroll through our herb garden, where the aromatic notes of basil and thyme dance in the air. These culinary staples are meticulously grown and harvested at their peak, infusing our dishes with a fragrant and flavourful touch. From pesto sauces to herb-infused oils, these herbs elevate our creations to new culinary heights.

Fresh Salads Straight from the Garden

At Petite Anse, we believe in the power of fresh, crisp salads. Our gardens provide abundant lettuce and greens, ensuring every salad is a vibrant medley of textures and flavours. From leafy greens to crunchy vegetables, our salads celebrate Grenadian produce that nourishes and delights.

As you savour the dishes at Petite Anse, know that each bite is a tribute to the local flavours cultivated in our gardens. We invite you to join us on this culinary journey, where passion fruit, grapefruit, bananas, basil, thyme, salads and so much more come together to create a symphony of tastes that captures the true essence of Grenada.

Embark on a Flavourful Adventure at Petite Anse, where Nature’s Bounty meets Culinary Delight!

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