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Grenada Hiking Notes: From Sauteurs to Levera Beach (extract from Paul Crask’s Bradt Guide to Grenada)

Grenada is a wonderful location for hiking. Paul Crask has been kind enough to give us permission to reprint this hike from his guide to Grenada.

Hike from Sauteurs to Levera (and onto Bathway Beach)

(Duration: 3 hours there & back, Grade 1, guide: not required, site fee: none)

Levera Beach can be accessed from either Bathway Beach or along the north coast from Sauteurs. t
grenada-beaches-levera-beach-300x199he road from Sauteurs makes for a nice walk. The beach and views are very pretty and you could call in Helvellyn House and Pottery along the way. The road is paved for most of the journey but becomes a rough vehicle track as it approaches and descends to Levera Beach.

Head east from Sauteurs and a little way out of the village there is a junction at La Fortune. You may see a stone building called Nora’s Place on the corner. Take this small road east and walk through the residential communities of La Fortune, Helvellyn and Levera.

You will pass Helvellyn House and Pottery on your left. Continue along this road as it winds its way past these communities for around 30 to 45 minutes. Pass by, and perhaps stop to look at, the very unusual and questionable original artwork of Doliver Morain that may take you a little by surprise by the roadside. The houses will become fewer and the road will reach the brow of a hill and descend towards the sea. At this point the road turns into a dirt track and you will your first views of the coast and Sugar Loaf Island.

Walk down the hill towards the bottom. The path opens up into a small area of grassy pastureland. You may see cows or even horses grazing. Follow the track as it curves to the right until you reach the beach. The boundary of the Levera Resort development project is ahead of you, so take the little track to your left down on to the beach instead.

Enjoy a stroll along the beach, following it around the corner right to the end and the sign stating that the
bathway-beach-hikebeach is a protected turtle nesting site. From here the wide vehicle track passes along the rugged coastline south of Bedford Point, from where there are great views of a ‘secret beach’. It also passes the mangroves around the margins of Levera Pond before finally emerging at the northern end of Bathway Beach. If you fancy going this way instead of turning back, it will take about 20 minutes to reach Bathway on foot from Levera.

Levera Beach is a great place for a picnic. It is quiet and stunningly beautiful, particularly with the backdrop of Sugar Loaf , Green and Sandy islands. If you decide to bathe, take care as the sea can be a little choppy, there can be a strong undertow and in some places there are cross-currents which may take you by surprise. However, bathing here is fun and the surrounding coastal environment of the Levera Archipelago National Park is quite beautiful.

Thanks goes to Paul Crask for allowing us to use this excerpt. Paul’s book – Bradt Guide to Grenada can be purchased from Amazon in the USA or Amazon in the UK.

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