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Grenada Is the Perfect Destination for a Caribbean Holiday

Sandy Island, Grenada
Sandy Island, Grenada

The beautiful Caribbean Island of Grenada attracts more than 120,000 visitors to its shore every year. This island nation is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean and it regularly wins awards.

Grenada is packed with beautiful attractions, beaches and offers a varied landscape for a range of activities including white water rafting, diving and hiking. Here is why you might want to consider visiting Grenada this year:

Beautiful Grenada beaches

Think of Grenada and the first image that will come to mind is that of the white sand beaches. Grande Anse is well known and has a social feel. Also worth a mention are BBC beach and Sandy Island beach.

Warm, friendly people

Since we have been based in Grenada – which is almost 10 years, we have met some of the warmest and friendliest people on the planet. Our guests tell us that it’s the people that makes the stay on the island all that more memorable and special. The local people are very proud of their country and will go all out to ensure that you will discover how wonderful it is too. To go beyond the usual tourist sites, speak to us and we can arrange a local guide to take you off the beaten path.

Laid-back atmosphere

The beautiful beaches and warm sunshine go far when it comes to creating a laidback atmosphere that is on ‘island time’. This makes Grenada perfect as the venue for a very relaxing break.

Excellent food

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You can enjoy some of the freshest seafood, fruits and vegetables on the island. Located fairly close to Trinidad, the island has inherited some of the foods from there and offers roti and spicy curry dishes. The market place is overflowing with produce and we grow and use our own produce as much as possible in the hotel restaurant. Our chefs are local people who have had international experience and know how to combine international and local food for your enjoyment.

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