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10 Foods to Try at Petite Anse Hotel & Restaurant

Sorrel flowers soaking to make a delicious Christmas time treat.
Sorrel flowers soaking to make a delicious Christmas time treat.

Ever wondered what you might be eating if you take a holiday in Grenada? Well here at Petite Anse, we’ve put together 10 of the most scrumptious items on our menu that we feel you really must try before you leave Grenada. They aren’t all Caribbean based dishes, but they have all earned their popularity with our residents and diners. We hope you find something that whets your appetite:

  1. Chocolate Mousse. Created from the locally produced chocolate of the Grenada Chocolate Company – this mousse is a rich, decadent and delicious.
  2. Home made tagliatelle – nothing beats home made pasta and this tagliatelle is served with a tomato, mushroom or pesto sauce. Yum!
  3. Pumpkin callaloo soup – Callaloo are the leaves of the dasheen plant (a locally grown root vegetable) and cooked up with sweet pumpkin – this combo marries into a deliciously flavoured hot soup that is gently spiced with nutmeg and a little cinnamon.
  4. Passion fruit ice cream – if you’ve never tried passionfruit ice cream – now is your chance – and don’t miss it! The hotel also makes other ice cream varieties including mango, coconut and chocolate.
  5. Banana bread – served almost every morning for breakfast, this moist and flavour filled loaf will leave you wanting more. The perfect accompaniment to coffee. Check here for our banana bread recipe.
  6. Tuna carpaccio – tuna coated in mixed brown pepper, seared on the griddle and then sliced thinly. Served with a salad and your tastebuds will be transported directly to Europe!
  7. Sorrel juice – you’ll have to wait for winter time to try this popular Christmas beverage. Made from the flowers of the sorrell plant, this refreshing drink is spiced with cinnamon, clove and other spices.
  8. Home made focaccia – the restaurant has many influences, but predominantly Caribbean and European. Our focaccia comes in three varieties – olive oil, roast pepper & sun-dried tomato or caramelised onion and garlic. I highly recommend the latter.
  9. A different local dish is served daily. Ranging from the Grenada national dish of Oildown to creole fish to stew pork to baked chicken. If you’re already on island, just give us a call to find out what we have on the menu that day.
  10. Coconut vegetable curry – [editor: my mouth is watering as I write this out!]. You’ll never know what you are missing if you don’t try freshly grated coconut in a curry sauce. Our coconut vegetable curry is always a sell out – get some whilst it’s hot (and spicy!)!
  11. Mahi mahi – seasoned locally and stuffed with callaloo. This locally caught fish is grilled and served with garlic and herb butter.

There you go – 10 well actually 11 (we couldn’t decide which one to leave off) dishes for you to try when you visit us here at Petite Anse Hotel & Restaurant.

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