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Celebrating Easter in Grenada

If you’re looking at celebrating Easter in Grenada, read on to discover what you can expect.

Over 65% of the population of Grenada are Catholic and therefore celebrating Easter in Grenada is generally observed, and it comes with some other unusual traditions.

These days fish dishes are expected to be served on Good Friday as the local population refrains from eating meat in recognition of Jesus’ being raised on the cross. It’s a time for families to get together and to attend Mass. As Easter Sunday approaches, something more light-hearted but competitive appears on the schedule – it’s time to bring out the kites.

easter in Grenada

Kite flying is very popular with the Grenadians

Kite flying is a popular and well-established activity in the Caribbean islands. Children are encouraged to make their own – although times have moved on when just using brown packing paper, sticks and string was the norm. Now colourful kites are it and you’ll see them as soon as the winds start. Flying kites has always brought extra benefit to local children in the form of freedom. If the string broke and the kite flew off in the wind, it was perfectly acceptable for the child to look for the kite, even if this meant going further afield and into neighbour’s gardens.

Things haven’t changed a great deal from times gone by, Easter has always been a time to attend church wearing best clothes, a time to visit the beach for fun and games, dine on great food and of course, get involved in kite flying.

kite flying in grenada easter

Celebrating Easter in Grenada is centred around food

The biggest Easter tradition, is food and lots of it. Traditional local dishes include cakes and buns. Hot cross buns are big favourite in Grenada during this time and salt fish and mackerel are big dishes on Good Friday.

What you wear to church is also another big event, with planning beginning weeks ahead of time. The outfits of Good Friday and Easter Sunday includes grand hats and beautiful dresses.

Crowds gather on beaches on the Sunday and the Monday, usually entertained by chatting and a game of cricket. The nearest beach to us at this time is David Beach, where you may even be able to join in if you’re friendly enough to get an invitation to do so.

Visitors to the island are welcome to join in celebrating Easter in Grenada. They can attend any of the family friendly events – church, kite flying, eating fish or cakes.

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