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Self-Drive Tour Around Northern Grenada

Beautiful Mt Carmel Waterfall.
Beautiful Mt Carmel Waterfall.

Here is our suggestion for doing a self-drive tour of northern Grenada.

Northern Grenada is more than just a few beaches and farmer fields. It’s also an area of fascinating raw nature, culture and interesting fishing villages and towns. You can expect to see rainbow stalls of fruit, the catch of local fishermen and laid back locals in this region of the island.

If you opt for the self-drive tour, and have a one week stay on the island, then you can take these sights in within 3 days, leaving you 4 days to go to Sandy Island, turtle watching at Levera Beach or you may prefer to spend the majority of your time horizontal around the pool and even on our beach.

First Day in Grenada

Arrive in Port Salines. This is where you can either arrange to be picked up at the airport by our driver, or you may want to make your own car hire arrangements at the airport. We offer a choice of car hire options with our two cars here at the hotel. Depending upon your time of arrival, you may want to just chill out around the pool and on the beach watching the sun go down as you sip on your cocktail.

Day 1

Head to the east of the island and take in the sights of Grenville. You can also go to Belmont Estate which is renowned for its agriculture and history. Now a cocoa and nutmeg estate in addition to providing a fascinating tour, Belmont Estate also offers very tasty dishes at lunchtime. The estate is a museum in addition to still taking in ‘wet cocoa’ from local farmers which is then transformed into the most marvellous tasting chocolate.

Day 2

Bathway Beach
Bathway Beach

If you’ve got an interest in history, you may want to visit the Mt Rich Petroglyphs. You can find a huge boulder in front of a rather derelict building which is along from the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Created by the Amerindians, there are also some petroglyphs at Duquesne Bay – which is also located in the north. Whilst you are close to Mt Rich, you’ll be close to River Antoine rum distillery. Our guests find River Antoine fascinating as the oldest water propelled distillery in the entire Caribbean. Be sure to take advantage of the guided tours.

Day 3

Head down the west coast to Gouyave. If it’s Friday Night then you can expect to find Fish Friday celebrations underway. Otherwise, you may want to take a look at the Nutmeg Station. If you’ve had enough history, then you might opt to stay on the east coast and take in the Mt Carmel waterfall which is located just outside of Grenville. If you’re not feeling hungry yet, then head over to Clabony for the hot sulphur springs. You could then go up to Bathway Beach to eat at Aggie’s which serves delicious seafood lunches. How about spending the afternoon checking out Leapers Hill in Sauteurs.  You can see the spot where Grenada’s indigenous people, the Kalinago jumped to their death rather than fight the French back in 1650.

Now that you’re in Sauteurs, it’s time to stock up on cocoa balls. Cocao is used by the locals for making ‘cocoa tea’ (natural hot chocolate drink), and get some nutmeg syrup which is made locally, light and delicious. This is also the time to buy local rum for friends and family back home. Check with your country customs but you could most likely take in 1 litre of alcohol per person.

In conclusion, northern Grenada is a fascinating place that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the commercial south. If you want to hire one of our cars, contact us today.

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