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Safe Driving in Grenada

Driving in Grenada is mostly smooth sailing, but at the same time, it’s not for everybody. Some people would much rather leave it to the experienced and hop in a cab.

Although there’s nothing wrong with hopping in a cab, if you’re used to narrow roads, a few sharp corners and you don’t mind a few steep drop-offs, then you should be fine. There may also be a few surprises on the way.

If you’re going to give it a try, then know that you’ll come across all sorts as you journey around the island, as you’ll find out from this article.

driving in Grenada

What you need to know about driving in Grenada

Like with many other Caribbean nations, left-hand driving is the norm in the island country of Grenada. It may take some getting accustomed to if that’s not your norm in your own home country. Some of Grenada’s roads are narrow, twisting, and hilly, which may be difficult for drivers who aren’t used to that type of driving. However, many tourists come to Grenada and drive around safely without any issues.

Before driving in Grenada, we recommend that you become acquainted with the local driving rules and restrictions. Being familiar with the local regulations is crucial for staying out of trouble and avoiding mishaps, since some of them may be different from those in your native country.

If you want to hit the road in Grenada, you should hire a vehicle from a dependable service and double-check its condition before you travel. We can help you with hiring a car. On the twisting, tight roads, cautious driving is particularly crucial.

Driving in Grenada Necessities

For you to drive a car as a visitor to Grenada, you’ll need to buy a visitors temporary driving licence from the police station in Grenville. If you’ve decided to hire one of our cars, then you may want to stop on the way up to buy it to save needing to go back down to Grenville. Be sure to bring a valid driving licence from your home country to acquire your temporary driving license. It will cost you EC$60.

Driving in Grenada Tips

Remember that when driving in Grenada, you’ll be driving on the left side. The best way to approach it all is to keep your speed fairly low and stay on your side.

The island opted for driving on the left when the British were here, and they’ve chosen to retain it.

Something highly obvious, but worth saying, all the same, is that if you don’t like something – just stop. Just as long as you don’t do it somewhere where somebody could bump into you. It will probably give a chance for a vehicle to pass so that you can move forward again without any concerns.

For example, if you’re passing through our local town of Sauteurs, and the gaps between vehicles are rather tight, then you may want to stop where you are and allow others to pass rather than trying to squeeze through the tiniest of gaps.

Another time you might choose to pull over is when you’ve got a vehicle close up to your bumper. It’s better to pull over and allow it to pass rather than to up your speed when you’re not familiar with the roads.

Don’t be shy about using your horn to toot and hoot. Whether it’s as a greeting, a thank you or a warning that you’re coming around a sharp corner Grenadians are generous with their horn use.

Also, note that people are happy to help you with directions. You can use a map or ask.

driving in grenada means you can go further
Driving in Grenada means you can go further afield on an adventure.

Grenada Driving Hazards

A herd of goats, potholes, people who stop in the road for a chat and sleeping dogs are all hazards that you’ll most likely encounter. Throw in a family of chickens, a few steep drops offs, some speed bumps and a bus harassing you to go faster and you’ll be well on your way to getting a grasp on driving on the island.

When it comes to parking, it seems that some people park anywhere they like. However, that doesn’t mean that you should.  Try to allow for people to be able to pass as most roads are just one lane each way, and it’s best not to affect traffic flow if possible.

Heavy rains could result in landslides, so it’s best not to venture out if we’re having that type of weather.

Filling up with Petrol / Gas

Most gas stations are not self-serve. You will be served by an attendant.

Can Americans drive in Grenada?

Yes they can. However, you need to be prepared to drive on the other side of the road. You don’t find any freeways or big roads here. This is all about taking your time and enjoying the view.

Is there car rental in Grenada?

Yes there is and we can even arrange car rental for you from Petite Anse Hotel.

If you need to know anything about driving in Grenada, get in touch. We’re here to help and happy to do so.

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