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What Every Diver Should Know About Diving in Grenada

diving-in-grenada-300x192If you’re visiting Grenada and are an avid diver then there are a few things you should know before making your trip. For 1 – diving in Grenada can be fantastic! … but let’s get on to a few other points..

Different Providers

There are five well known scuba diving shops in Grenada. They all offer different types of diving, for different prices and in different locations. While all of their reputations are exceptional make sure to do research online about which one will be suitable for you. Some of the providers offer half day trips,others provide entire day trips with multiple locations. Find a provider that you feel comfortable with when it comes to the price and what they are offering, keeping safety in mind.

Location, Location, Location.

Grenada has over thirty different sites for snorkeling and diving. This will give even the most demanding diver a chance to see all of the different reefs, ship wrecks and dive locations. Dive locations vary between twenty feet to a hundred and twenty feet. This will make sure there is something for beginner divers and even advanced, experienced divers. All of the locations are situated a mere twenty to thirty minutes away from most of the dive shops.

Most popular Locations

There are four popular locations for diving in Grenada. These are called: Bianca C, Flamingo Bay, Molineire Reef and Whibble Reef.

– Bianca C : Known at the ‘Titanic of the Caribbean’ – this cruise liner sank in 1961 and provides a whole plethora of underwater life. Probably one of the top wreck dives in warm water. Moray eels, nurse and reef sharks, Eagle rays – something for advanced divers due to the depth. There are 15 wreck dives to discover in Grenada.

– Flamingo Bay : A protected and pleasant environment makes this shallow reef wall a popular spot for snorekelers and divers alike. Abundant in fish, coral and sponges. Plentiful and diverse sealife with seahorses – a must for your diving trip to Grenada.

– Moliniere Reef: This reef is perfect for beginners who still want to get used to being under water for longer periods. The reef can grow up to ten feet from the actual surface of the water. Nearby there are two wrecks called the Bucanner and the Don Cesard.

– Whibble Reef: Whibble reef is a sand wall that slopes. It is an advanced dive over an amazing reef and selection of coral formations. You will most likely see rainbow runners, wrasse and schools of jack on the trip.

Don’t forget to look up the underwater sculpture park created by Jason Taylor too.

One thing is certain whether you are a beginner or advanced diver you will love Grenada for your vacation.

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