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Things You Did Know and Things You Didn’t Know about St Patrick’s, Grenada

Petite Anse is in the beautiful lush parish of St Patricks. Out of the 6 parishes of Grenada, we do think that this is the best one. Is that biased? Here are a collection of facts we want to share with you to broaden your knowledge about this beautiful area. Some you probably know and others could be new to you.

Things you probably do know about St Patricks

Leatherback turtles. The turtles agree with us about St Patricks being beautiful and Levera Beach is their favourite beach to lay eggs every single year. Over 800 leatherback turtle mums return to this beach as it was the same one they were born on.

Leapers Hill. The Kalinago (previous known as Carib Indians) were forced to jump from this point when threatened by the French in 1650. Rather than be taken ‘ownership’ of by the French who they had allowed to stay on Grenada through their good nature, they opted to jump from this hill to their deaths.

Close to different islands. St Patricks’ not only overlooks the islands to the north, but this proximity makes it very easy to get to some of them. We offer a trip over to the paradise of Sandy Island where you can enjoy a freshly caught fish BBQ lunch. Otherwise, you might want to enjoy a boat trip around the nearest islands, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Great for walking. It’s peaceful, it’s green, you won’t really see any traffic and it has incredibly fresh air. What’s not to like about walking in this area that is crisscrossed with a huge number of trails to choose from Visit the hotel office when you’re here to get ideas on where to go. Failing that we walk as a group every Sunday morning to the local village of Duquesne Bay, just 2.7 miles away. It happens to be the site of the petroglyphs too.

Farming. This area has a long history of agricultural production. There’s a produce market in Sauteurs, one in Grenville and in St George’s. We use much of our own produce or source it from trusted local farmers. We are big fans of organic produce and will use it whenever we can.

The breeze. It is cooler and breezier and therefore more refreshing. Being up at this end of the island is far better than being down in the town, it’s got to be said. Unless of course, you cannot leave shopping behind. But if you want to escape it all and reconnect with yourself, then this is the place to come.

Things you probably don’t know about St Patricks

Indian connection. Now for a bit of history. In 1867, HMS Maidstone arrived with just 289 of the 357 Indians who had left Calcutta. Unfortunately, almost 25 percent died on the journey. Later joined by another 2022 Indians, this increase in labour meant that many abandoned estates could be reclaimed and put back into operation. This is the reason why you’ll see people with East Indian genetics in the local populace.

The jetty of Sauteurs. Built in 1891, it’s made a huge difference for the town when it comes to hauling in fish. Back in the 1700s and 1800s, further up the coast, Irvin’s Bay was the big harbour for shipping produce from the island including sugar, nutmeg and cocoa. This was because there are several estates in this area. Ships would sail to England and France.

Johnson Beharry. The highest military decoration for valour in the British and Commonwealth was awarded to St Patrick’s, Grenada born Lance Sergeant Johnson Gideon Beharry for his bravery in saving the lives of his regimental colleagues in Iraq. Beharry was born in the local village of Diego Piece.

Local language. Although English is the main language, there are ties with Urdu and Hindi in addition to French Creole patois. You will still oftentimes hear the word ‘oui’ at the end of sentences spoken by Grenadians.
Volcanic features. There are several volcanic craters and cones in the Parish of St Patricks including Lake Antoine and Punchbowl.

st patricks grenada irish

Irish links. St Patricks is named after the patron saint of Ireland. This is because Grenada has ties with Ireland and the Irish Brigade joined the French army to fight and defeat the English in 1779.

Now, do you see some of the reasons why we love it here!?! St Patricks is a special place and we want to tell the world! Do come and stay with us sometime, and you can see it for yourself.

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