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Culinary Information on Grenada: Rum and Other Drinks

grenada_drinksWith rum and rum punch being the signature beverages of the Caribbean, you can expect to find rum to make a big appearance in Grenada too. During your visit you’ll also have access to an amazing array of fruit based ‘local’ juices that will quench your thirst. The island also manufactures its own Carib beer, which is a light lager based brew.

But for rum lovers – here is what you can find.

There are 3 distilleries on the island – and if rum is your thing, then you’ll be in tasting heaven. Check out Clarke’s Court Estate for a wide range including the Old Grog label. At the River Antoine Estate you’ll be able to watch rum being distilled with the original machinery dating back to the 18th century. They produce the Rivers rum range.  You may also want to check out Westerhall Estate for their Jack Iron label rum.

Look out for local bars, known as ‘rum shops’ where you can mingle with the locals.

Looking for something non-alcoholic?

Try the fresh ‘local’ juices. Either in the hotel or further afield you will come across:

  • Mauby – made from the bark of the Mauby tree, and a little bitter for newcomers to it!
  • Grapefruit
  • Pineapple
  • Soursop and lime
  • Ginger beer
  • Cherry
  • Mango
  • Guava
  • Passionfruit
  • Orange
  • Lemon with ginger
  • Sorrel
  • Tamarind

We also make smoothies here at in the bar at Petite Anse and you’ll find a wide variety of cocktails to try on the menu.

Grenada offers a wide range of beverages, and with the tropical climate, you’ll need them to keep you refreshed and hydrated. And just one more thing.. the tap water is safe to drink – but if you prefer bottled water you will find it freely available.

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