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STOP! Don’t Leave Grenada Without Trying These Local Specialties

Grenada_chocolate_opt-300x229You’ve decided to visit Grenada. That’s just great!

But before you go home, make sure you try some of the local specialties. Visiting an island like Grenada and eating “local” is another unique experience. To taste the local dishes that are on offer around the island, is an essential experience of your holiday – especially if you want to savour the real culture of the island.

Many dishes like “OIL DOWN”, are made by the delightful locals on their own extraordinary homemade roadside setups!

These “grandmother’s recipes” , handed down from generation to generation, have a unique taste, blending their home grown herbs and spices with an extraordinary mixture of various meats (like chicken and pork) mingled with pigs snout and trotter, salt fish and vegetables such as callaloo, onions, garlic, cabbage. All of these all are gradually cooked together over a huge pot on an open fire for several hours. In addition, they add some extraordinary “dumplings’ (which are hugely popular with the local children)

If you ask any Grenadian what their favourite dish is ….. they will always answer “Oildown” Most of them claim it is the National Dish of Grenada!


Imagine biting into a piece of organic chocolate and suddenly forgetting about everything around you. This is one of the comments often made by tourists when they talk about their experience with Grenada chocolate. The cocoa is gathered directly from Grenada and it almost seems to be infused with the lightness and sweetness of Grenada itself. You need to visit the chocolate factory in Grenada (we can arrange this for you with a tour if you are interested in learning more). The “factory” is claimed to be the smallest chocolate factory in the world and moreover, inspired by the founder, Mott, who designed and built it from scratch, is certified organic into the bargain.

While roti isn’t exclusive to Grenada, Grenadians certainly know how to make a mean dish. Roti is a traditional wrap that can be filled with chicken, vegetable or beef. Definitely a must if you want a quick meal before running off to the next rum shop or beach.

Don’t leave Grenada before trying these local specialties. Do you have a local Grenada dish that you absolutely love? Why don’t you share it with us!

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