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5 Romantic Ideas for a Honeymoon in Grenada

Enjoy your honeymoon in Grenada by snorkelling on the romantic Sandy Island.
Enjoy your honeymoon in Grenada by snorkelling on the romantic Sandy Island.

Starting your married life with a honeymoon in Grenada has to be one of the most magical experiences. It’s almost certain that you’ll enter a timeless realm of romance but to really set the mood for love, you need to know about which places will help you to surrender to the smouldering spell of passion.

You will be able to enjoy spending time on stunning beaches with crystal clear water, immaculate tropical rain forests or enjoy the festival atmosphere of carnival during the days and spend sultry holding hands under the moonlight.

Here are some suggestions on what you can do to seal the beginning of your marriage with pure romance:

Go snorkelling at Sandy Island

Sandy Island is one of the most beautiful venues for romance. Located a few miles offshore, you’ll need to dash across the waters in a local boat to the island so that you can spend the day snorkelling the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. The white sandy beach with a backdrop of coconut trees are perfect to set the scene for romance. Your guide will cook a freshly caught fish for you on a BBQ fire as you marvel at the underwater magic and the beauty of the neighbouring islands. Kindle your love around the camp fire and rendezvous around the rocks.


Freshen up in a beautifully cool waterfall

Beautiful Mt Carmel Waterfall is a magical place for romantic photos.
Beautiful Mt Carmel Waterfall is a magical place for romantic photos.

Although the island is just 21 miles long by 12 miles wide, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to waterfalls. There’s even one named especially for you. The Honeymoon Falls is just a 20 minute walk through some of the most spectacular rain forest on the island. Otherwise you could opt for a visit to the beautiful Mt Carmel Waterfall that is located just 2 miles south of Grenville. With a short gentle walk through a private plantation with fruit trees and spices growing, you’ll be amazed to find a wall of water cascading down a wide rock face. The perfect spot for some romantic photographs to be taken.


Hike in the lush tropical rainforest

The Grand Etang National Park is packed with interesting flora and fauna. It’s the home of the Mona Monkeys as well as being in its own unique temperate zone. Hire a guide to be sure that you don’t miss out on the best of what there is to see, humming birds, orchids and the Grand Etang Lake (a volcanic crater lake) at 1800 feet above sea level. Get breathless together as you hike up the hill.

Grenada_chocolate_opt-300x229Discover the food of love – chocolate

Let’s face it – chocolate has always played a part in romance. Discover how cocoa or cacao beans grow by taking a tour of a local cocoa farm. You could then visit a local estate to understand more about the cocoa processing cycle that makes such delightful products as the Grenada Chocolate Company produces. Buy a few products that you can eat together during your evenings.

Observe the local leatherback turtles nesting

One of nature’s most fascinating and exciting moments is when a gargantuan leatherback turtle lands on the shoreline to lay their eggs. Levera Beach is a favourite nesting spot for these ancient marine animals who will visit every year between April and July after a 10,000 mile journey to return to the same beach that they were hatched on. Hold hands with your loved one under the moonlight waiting for these huge creatures.

As you can see, a honeymoon in Grenada has all the right ingredients to give you and your new spouse a truly memorable time. With an endless selection of activities and experiences to enjoy you’ll be in perfect happiness to begin your lives together.

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