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3 Minute Guide to Getting Married in Grenada


If you’re considering getting married in Grenada then read on to find out what you need to know. Destination weddings have become one of the most cost effective and spectacular ways to get married. You don’t need to fuss about having hundreds of people at your wedding and you can truly have an exotic wedding.

The process of getting married in Grenada is fairly simple and if you need help, we can provide it. If you’ve decided on Grenada for your destination wedding there are a few things you should keep in mind.

1.Residency Requirements

You need to be a resident of Grenada at least three days before you apply for a marriage license. This is perfect as it will give you time to make last minute preparations for your actual marriage ceremony. All marriage ceremonies that take place in Grenada are legally recognized throughout the world. They are also legally binding.


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2.Applying for your marriage license

After you have spent three days in Grenada you can apply for your marriage license. You need to do this in person by the Prime Minister’s Office. When you apply for your license you need to pay for the associated fees as well. These are relatively inexpensive. For the Marriage license fee you need to pay EC $10 and for the stamp it is EC $15.


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3.Waiting Period

If you’ve never been married before the usual waiting time for your marriage license to be processed is two days. If you’ve been married before it might take slightly longer as your documents have to be sent to the Ministry of Legal Affairs to be processed.


4.Required Documentation

The required documentation you need is your valid passports, birth certificates and if you’re under the age of twenty-one , consent form from your legal guardian/s. You also need a certificate proving that you are single.

caribbean beach wedding

Considering how quickly it takes for your marriage license to process, having a destination wedding in Grenada is definitely the right choice.

Many people opt for getting married in Grenada at Petite Anse Hotel. Whether you enjoy the beach or tropical gardens, it makes for a beautiful venue and we can help you with your arrangements for your destination wedding, contact us now.

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