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How to Get Around By Bus in Grenada

bus-289x300It’s easy to get around Grenada by bus. It’s also a great experience and is highly recommended. Not only is it economical but it’s so much ‘greener’ than driving around the island in a car when there’s already a bus laid on. However, if you have a car hired already, then you may still prefer to travel that way.

But whatever the case, here’s what you need to know:

Look out for Toyota Van Style Buses

The buses in Grenada are mostly Toyota van style buses and you’ll be able to travel all over the island very cheaply. There is a bus stop in Sauteurs that will take you into town for EC$6.50 (US$2.40). You will arrive at the main bus stop in St George’s which is near the fish market.


Grenada’s Bus Prices are Very Reasonable

It’s possible to reach pretty much anywhere on the island that is a main village or town from the bus stop in town. To reach somewhere like Grande Anse from town you may pay something in the region of EC$2.50 or so (less than US$1.00). All the buses will have a number that signifies the route that it runs.

You Can Ask Grenada Buses to Stop Just About Anywhere on the Route

Although there are a few bus stops around, you don’t have to be standing at one to stop a bus. They will stop almost anywhere, and you just need to hold your arm out as though you are hailing a taxi cab. But don’t expect to get one on a Sunday as it’s a day of church and rest. Not all of the buses will look like they have room for you on them either. Keep in mind that if they have stopped for you, there is room, or there will be shortly as somebody else is just getting off.

Riding a Bus in Grenada is All Part of Your Spice Isle Adventure

Grenada’s buses are known as ‘reggae buses’ by the tourists and you’ll most likely hear some Caribbean music playing (sometimes at a loud volume). In addition you could be crammed in with locals of all ages. It’s a way to get a real feel of how it is to live on the island and shouldn’t be missed. Don’t be surprised if at some point you end up with a small child sitting on your lap and you may be asked to help with shopping bag placement.

Getting a bus in Grenada is all part of the warm and friendly charming way of the islands and will be a memory for you to keep from your trip. Try it and discover how this colourful and economical transport choice will give you an insight into island life that you may otherwise not gain.


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