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Day Trip to Sandy Island

sandyislandJust close to the hotel here at Petite Anse, we’ve got a secret spot that we like to send our clients to. When they go there, they always come back amazed by the beauty of it. Sandy Island can only really be described as beautiful, a paradise and an adventure.

The island is just 30 minutes away from the hotel. The mode of transport for the journey is a fisherman’s boat. This all adds to the feeling that you are going to visit a real ‘Robinson Crusoe island’.

We’re not the only people who have recognised the beauty of the island. In the 1980’s the island was used as a commercial for the chocolate bar from the United Kingdom known as a Bounty bar. They used the coconut tree fringed beaches as a backdrop to promote their coconut filled chocolate treat. Check out the video of it.

Bounty Chocolate Advert on Sandy Island

If you’re interested in the flora and fauna of the Caribbean then you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll find hummingbirds, herons and a throng of Caribbean blackbirds on the island. You can also enjoy fantastic snorkelling over the wide reef that is located right next to the beach. The water is crystal clear and that pale blue that you only really ever see on television programs about holidays and travel.


Caribbean blackbirds on nearby Sandy Island
Caribbean blackbirds on nearby Sandy Island

So if you fancy a trip out to the island, then we can arrange it for you. You’ll be met by one of the local fishermen who will take you out to the island. As fishermen, they’ll be catching you a fresh fish and barbecuing it for you the natural way with fresh herbs and spices. We’ll be sending you with a picnic too and some drinks.

After trying a fresh coconut, picked freshly off a tree for you, you can enjoy the return journey to the hotel and ask to be dropped off on the beach.

The Sandy Island Trip is a favourite amongst our guests. We can also arrange picnics to local beaches.

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