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The Best Attractions of Northern Grenada

If you’re heading to northern Grenada, you’ll want to know what’s in store for you. What can you see, what can you do and where should you go?

Here are our recommendations for the best attractions in this part of the island.

Most visitors to Grenada are surprised at how much the island has to offer. However, it doesn’t matter which area you stay in, you’re bound to love it. We think the north offers the most natural beauty, a very relaxing environment, and the friendliest people on the island (disclaimer: we may be biased).

You’ll find some of the most spectacular views, memorable and touching encounters with Leatherback turtles and even a chance to take a boat ride through some of our closest island neighbours.

Here is our pick of where to go to make the best of a visit to northern Grenada:

Bathway Beach

This white sand beach is popular with the local populace and home to small, locally run eateries and the well-known, friendly Blue Bar. With the shoreline being protected by natural boulders, that break the waves, this is a great place to enjoy a swim. The views are fabulous, especially in the evening – the beach overlooks Union Island, Sandy Island and Green Island. This is one of the most popular beaches in northern Grenada for local people – that’s how good it is! 

Levera Beach

The most popular beach for leatherback turtles to nest, Levera Beach is a large natural white-sand beach. The turtles are typically around between March and August. Earlier in the season, you can watch the magnificent adult females land on the beach to lay their eggs. Later on, you can witness the eggs hatching and the baby turtles making their way down to the shoreline.

Boat Ride to Sandy Island

We can organise a ride on a fisherman’s boat to the neighbouring Sandy Island. You’ll take 20 minutes to reach the island – some days it’s a bit of a bumpy ride depending on which way the wind is blowing. Once you arrive, you’ll know you made the right decision to go on the adventure. The azure blue sea offers excellent snorkeling. You’ll be treated to a fresh fish BBQ lunch made by the fisherman. Find out more about the Sandy Island trip.

River Antoine Rum Distillery

Head here to witness how rum is made, using the same process that was used over 200 years ago. It’s home of the Rivers brand of rum. See the huge 8m high waterwheel in operation as it powers the crushing of sugar cane. A charming and informative tour that allows you to sample the products.

Pearls Airport

Pearls Airport was Grenada’s first airport, opening in 1943. After playing a major part in the invasion of Grenada in 1983, it’s interesting to see the abandoned buildings and aircraft. The airport ceased operations in 1984. There is an old Russian aircraft that was damaged during the invasion, and a Cubana Airlines plane. It’s now a great place to learn how to drive and is sometimes taken over for car racing. Watch out for the cow dung and goat poo.

Grenada Chocolate Company

Home to the best chocolate on the island. Follow the chocolate making journey – from the cocoa farms to the factory to the bonbon shop. Originally founded by the late Mott Green, this factory was set up to give islanders the opportunity to make the best use of the cocoa tree. As a result, the flavors are rich and warm. The truffles and chocolate bars make great gifts. Find out more about the Grenada Chocolate Company Tour.

Welcome Stone

The best view on the island (but don’t miss our view!) and you should not leave without taking a selfie. It’s a steep climb up but worth the effort as you can see the islands of Sandy Island and Green Island from up here. Your friends will be absolutely amazed by it!

Overall northern Grenada has a lot to offer and these attractions are just a handful of what the area has.

If you have any questions about visiting this part of Grenada or want to find out more about our hotel, contact us.

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