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Grenada Beaches: North Coast

Grenada Beaches: North Coast

Grenada beaches

If there’s something you should know about Grenada, it’s that the north coast has a very different feel from the south including those beautiful Grenada beaches. There are less tourists and you’ll sense a far greater exposure to nature and the ‘real Caribbean’. It’s no surprise that when British presenter Trevor McDonald made a television programme about the ‘real caribbean’, he opted to stay in the north.

The beauty and charm of the north is also the reason that Petite Anse was initially created. Both of us (Annie and Philip) fell in love with the area and we built the hotel to make it possible to share that love with others.

The north is also where you’ll find a beautiful breeze coming off the coastline to blow away any mosquitoes and where you’ll find the most remarkable views of the Grenadines.

If you’re looking for information about where to go to enjoy some top-drawer beach time, then you are in the right spot.


Grenada beaches are truly stunning

Grenada beaches are perfect as a backdrop for weddings and engagements too!

So that you can see for yourself what we’re talking about when it comes to the beauty that you’ll find, here’s a list of recent posts we’ve developed about beaches on Grenada’s north coast.

Levera Beach

Levera Beach is a beautiful spot that is best known for it’s leatherback turtle nesting activities. It has now been identified as the ideal place for an in all inclusive resort that is being built. (Far bigger than, li’l ole Petite Anse Hotel). It’s only a 15 minute drive away from us.







David Beach

Somewhere that is located a little closer is the pretty David Beach (pronounced by local Grenadians as ‘Darvee’ Beach). It’s home to some cricket matches on Grenadian bank holidays, when all the local people head to the beach for some R&R. Look out for the cocoa trees too. There are plenty there growing the ‘good stuff’ that we all love – chocolate.




Sauteurs Beach

Which list about the beach of the North Coast of Grenada could be complete without a mention of the beautiful Sauteurs Beach. It really has something a little wild and untame about it. You can walk along the majority of it from the hotel (after taking a short road detour) our closest town, the charming and quaint town of Sauteurs.



Bathway Beach

Bathway Beach is a drive away from us, but it’s well worth a visit. You’ll find some protection from the waves there in the form of stone blocks in the water. You’ll also find an information centre for leatherback turtles and a couple of boutique shops selling tourist ware. You may want to stop off at Aggie’s Restaurant for a bit to eat. Excellent food such as lobster, conch salad, soup or even crepes filled with ice cream. Excellent reviews can be found in TripAdvisor for Aggie’s.


Which is your favourite beach in Grenada? Which Grenada beaches would you recommend for others to visit during their stay on this truly special Caribbean island?








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