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A Quick Guide to Grenada Chocolate

Everybody loves chocolate. What’s more, the deep rich flavours of the chocolate of Grenada are popular the world over. It’s sold in several European countries and in the US. It’s also sold in outlets such as London’s upmarket food store, Fortnum & Mason. The cocoa bean that grows in Grenada is rich, deep and of outstanding quality which makes it in high demand from chocolate connoisseurs the world over.

Today we’re going to find out a bit more about chocolate in Grenada. Here’s what you need to know:

Chocolate in Grenada

Grenada chocolate
Chocolate bars from the Grenada Chocolate Company are sold at several outlets in Europe and US.

Grenada’s long association with chocolate goes back to the first introduction of cacao trees in 17.14. Since then a flourisihg cocoa industry has bloomed and now Grenada chocolate is an export success story.

More recently, cocoa farmers have started to tend to trees with greater energy and artisanal chocolate makers have had their interest piqued by the quality of the cacao tree produce. The climate is perfect and the richly-flavoured cocoa beans reflected the quality of Grenada’s very fertile soil.

When Hurricane Ivan ravaged the country in 2004, many trees were lost and the industry looked doomed However, the trees have now recovered and are producing cocoa that is putting Grenada on the world chocolate map.
Each year, the Grenada Chocolate Festival is held for passionate lovers of chocolate. A wide range of chocolate experts ranging from farmers, to manufacturers and chocolatiers speak to the attendees about their specialist craft.

things about cacao
The cocoa beans that make Grenada’s rich chocolate.

Chocolate producers are expanding in Grenada

There are several chocolate growers on the island who produce quality cocoa beans used by chocolate artisans for chocolate bars and bon bons. Chocolate is also creating visitor attractions on the Spice Isle with several cocoa farms and producers welcoming visitors.

Grenada Chocolate Company – award winning chocolate producers known for their organic produce and fair payment to growers.
Belmont Estate Cocoa Farm – a more recent addition to the chocolate producers of Grenada

Grenada chocolate
Belmont Estate offer samples in their new chocolate factory.

Cacao is good for you

All cacao is harvested by hand and then dried naturally in the sun. After drying, the beans are roasted, milled, pressed and used to create some of the most exquisite chocolate in the Caribbean.

The chocolate produced is deep flavoured and rich. It’s the pure cacao that is full of healthy goodness. Cacao is widely respected and recognised in the Caribbean as being good for building the blood and for helping with blood pressure management.


Grenada Chocolate Company have a new bon bon shop.

Chocolate production in Grenada is going from strength to strength. The Grenada Chocolate Company have installed a new bon bon shop in their grounds. Belmont Estate have now installed a chocolate factory and shop in their grounds.

Grenada chocolate
Belmont Estate chocolate shop.

Once the cocoa beans have been sundried and roasted, they are then milled and shaped into chocolate.

Cocoa beans being dried in the sun.

Petite Anse offers a tour of a chocolate farm (details to follow). Contact us for more information.

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