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5 Quick Fixes for Sun Burnt Skin

Quick fixes for sun burnt skin are essential to know if you’re traveling somewhere hot. The Caribbean sun can deliver a magnificent tan, but it can also be fierce and unforgiving. That’s why it’s recommended that you try to stay out of it between 11 and 3pm, but if you do insist on going in it and you do manage to end up with a bit of sunburn, here’s what you need to do to get some relief.


1. Aloe Vera Gel

Either you can use it from the bottle, or if you don’t have any handy, there are many places where you can find the plant including around Petite Anse Hotel.  All you need to do is to snap a piece of leaf off and it will ooze with aloe vera  gel. However, if you do find the plant in the garden, you should really ask Philip or he might not be too pleased when his plants start to disappear!  Be careful as the real McCoy does stain somewhat.

2. Cold Cucumber

Cut up a cold cucumber and you’ve got an instant sunburn relief. It’s refreshing, it’s cool and it’s what is used in many beauty manufacturers’ products that are developed to soothe. Rub the ointment over your burnt bits and allow it to dry. Your skin will look very much improved by the next day.

3. Cold tea bags

This is another DIY treatment that should be relatively easy to arrange. Once you have had your tea, take the tea bag and apply it to your burns. It will cool your skin and take some of the inflammation out. Take care though as tea can stain too.

These simple DIY quick fixes for sunburnt skin should have you feeling better quick.

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