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Proposing in Paradise – A Day She Will Never Forget

Proposing in Paradise – A Day She Will Never Forget

When you are going to propose to the woman of your dreams, the one thing you will always want to do is make her dream come true as well. What woman wouldn’t want to be sitting in the moonlight, drinking a tropical drink complete with that ever-present little paper rainbow stir straw when she is suddenly asked to be his wife?

Nothing could be more romantic except perhaps if there happened to be a wandering guitarist softly serenading the couple as they lounge back at an ocean side table, looking out as the waves hit the white sands on the beach and every star in the sky twinkles brighter than the next. If you are just a tad bit nervous about the whole proposal thing, here are a few tips to help you get up the courage.

Setting Is Everything

As the above scene emphasizes, setting is everything. Why wait for the honeymoon for that tropical paradise when you can book a flight to the Islands this winter when everywhere is cold and dreary? Make it a short or longer winter break away from the chill and she’ll never suspect that you are about to make this a life-changing moment with just the two of you alone. What could be more romantic?

proposal in paradise

How to Deliver Your Proposal

There are so many different ways to deliver a romantic proposal on a tropical island such as Grenada. You could put the ring at the bottom of a coconut just before your girl drinks the water from it. How about hiding it in a bowl of deliciously rich ice cream made from Grenadian chocolate? If you use little spoons, you’re quite unlikely to eat it by accident. Or you may want to go for the most traditional manner and get down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage with the waves kissing the shoreline in the background.

To Bring the Ring or Not?

The one thing which may demand a bit of extra thought is whether or not to bring the ring! Travelling with an expensive gem, especially of the quality your engagement ring is,  may make you feel a little nervous. You are not going to be at home, you’ll be passing through airports and all sorts, so unless you plan to walk around for a few days with the ring in your pocket, you might want to bring a Crackerjack ring (just like the one out of the movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’) and leave the diamond at home.

You can always show her where you got it by pulling out your smartphone and pulling up the website. Or you could show her an image of it. That will give her something else to take home with her – a longing to see that ring! Most people prefer to leave their valued jewelry at home when traveling to a vacation / holiday spot, and you will have a better time knowing that your perfect diamond ring is safe and secure in the vault of

However you decide to go about it, it’s time to enjoy your little tryst and come back home to share the news and show off both the Crackerjack ring and that spectacular diamond she will be wearing for the rest of her life. Now that’s a proposal in paradise if ever there was one.

Paradise proposal

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