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How To Romance Your Way Around Petite Anse Hotel in Grenada

Raise your hand if you’re somebody who loves a bit of romance. Romance isn’t just something that ‘girls’ like. Research says that men are more romantic than females. It if wasn’t for romance, then most of us wouldn’t even be alive! It’s also an essential ingredient of a healthy relationship.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to romance your way around Petite Anse Hotel. We always say that there is one rule and one rule only for staying at Petite Anse, and that’s to make yourself at home. In addition, we’d love it if you made the best use of what’s here to you’re your relationship stronger. We love romance and our guests love how romantic it is at our place.

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So what do you need to know about being a couple of lovebirds whilst you’re staying with us here in Grenada?

How to be romantic at Petite Anse Hotel

Here are a few ideas for you:

Romance at the breakfast table. It’s not every day that you get to eat breakfast together. In fact, doing so can be surprisingly romantic. You get to spend quality time, looking at each other, and even holding hands if you want to. You can even have the exact same breakfast so that your breakfast experience is one, it’s in unity. You’re both eating the same food.

Sitting on your terrace. Tea, drinks or just chatting. You’ll have a great view. You’ll have peace and quiet and there’s nowhere to go by any particular time of day. Of course, there is dinner to get to, but by then you’ll probably have tired of sitting on the terrace and be ready to do something else by then.

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Drinks at the bar. Chat with the bar people. Andre is particularly engaging to chat with. He will keep you entertained, intrigued and he has a broad knowledge of the local area, Caribbean rums and Grenadian and local history. You can even banter with him. As you do so, you’ll also be reacquainted with the sense of humour of your loved one. Who knew they could be so funny and it’s been a while since you spent such a relaxed and unpressured time with them that you’d forgotten.

romance Petite Anse

Dinner for two. The ultimate pastime of those getting to know each other or reacquainting again is dinner for two. You can sit on the terrace and whisper sweet nothings as you enjoy our spectacular view, or you can sit in our dining room.

Romantic walk. Holding hands as you approach the top of our driveway, you can turn right to head down to David Beach for a very pleasant walk past papaya trees, cocoa trees, and past quaint houses. If you opt to turn left you can head into Sauteurs, do some shopping and even stop off at the little rum bar next to the fishery. Your choice, but we recommend that plenty of hand-holding goes on. Every Sunday morning we host a group walk to the local village.

Early to bed and a lay in. Yes, why not have both. It’s not something that you can always do at home as time flies when you’re at home. In fact, by the time you get to the end of your stay with us, you’ll feel like time has flown by. But during your time with us, you can slow it down by making the best of the hours that you have.

Swimming. Whether you swim in the sea or in the pool, it’s romantic. Romance is just the two of you doing something that you don’t usually get the time to do. It’s enjoying the laughs, the smiles, the shared experience of doing an activity together.

Here are a few other ideas about how to be romantic whether you’re staying with us or not.

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