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Traveling To Grenada This Winter From Colder Climes? Tips For Getting The Vacation Wardrobe You Want Out of Season

The year-round sunshine we enjoy in the Caribbean (aside from the storms during the hurricane season in September) is one of the biggest draws for travelers from North America and Europe during the winter months. As well as the beauty of the islands, the watersports, and the great food and hospitality, the sunny, warm weather allows people from colder climates to shake off the winter blues and return home refreshed, happy, and relaxed.

While traveling to Grenada in the winter is certainly a great way to break up the drudgery of cold, dark days in winter, it can be harder during the colder months to find great beach and resort wear. Retailers tend to fill up their shelf and warehouse space with the fashions and products best suited to local weather, and that means your local malls and department stores will be full to bursting with coats, boots, and sweaters while tracking down the perfect bikini or sundress may take a little more effort than in June!

Fear not, though, there are some easy tips to help you get the perfect wardrobe for your Grenada vacation, even when it is hats and scarves weather at home:

Specialist Shops

Whether you are shopping online or in store, you will find far less choice in terms of summer clothing at this time of year. However, some shops that specialize in beach wear or resort clothing sell the kind of things you are looking for all year round.

Sports brands are always an option for swimwear, though athletic brands tend to focus more on the more practical swimsuit styles aimed at the fitness and competitive swimming markets. This can be a good idea if you are planning to do a lot of watersports, but may not be exactly what you had in mind for relaxing with a cocktail on the beach or by the pool! For more fashion-centered swimwear, consider surf brands, or brands that specialize solely in swimwear. Many lingerie brands and stores also have a fashion swimwear collection.

This can also be the best approach if you are looking for swimwear for a niche market, such as plus size swimwear, maternity swimwear, kids’ swimwear or swimsuits for women over 50. Fashion swimwear companies tend to also stock beach accessories like cover-ups, sarongs, beach hats and beach bags all year round, too, so look for these kinds of retailers online or in department stores.

Scour The Sales

While the choice may not be as wide as during the summer season, one of the pluses of shopping for clothes out of season for a vacation is that the stock remains from last summer tends to be at rock-bottom clearance prices at this time of year. This applies both to high street shops and online stores.

Most fashion retailers with a well-designed website tend to have a section of their site devoted to clearance items, and this is where you’ll usually find out of season items at great prices.

Outlet stores can also be great for this, as the products tend to be less seasonal and are often unsold designer stock from previous seasons – the ideal places to find great evening and day wear for your vacation (which, of course, will also set you up with some great new pieces to wear when summer comes around at home!).

Shop Online From Further Afield

The internet makes it possible for you to order great clothes from all over the world, so if you can stand to wait a little longer for delivery, ordering from brands in warmer climates can be a great way to get all of the choices you want. Remember that when it is winter north of the equator, it is summer below the equator, so looking at clothing from companies in South America or Australia can be a very viable option.

You can also consider ordering clothes from the Caribbean itself!

If you don’t like any of these ideas, then the final thing you can do is simply buy the bare minimum or bring things you already have, and then go on a shopping spree on vacation. Airports tend to have less seasonal stock in their shops due to their international nature, so you can begin there, and then, of course, there will be some fun shopping opportunities once you arrive at your destination here in Grenada too!

As you can see, it is far easier than you think to have a beautiful fashion wardrobe perfect for your winter sun vacation in the Caribbean.

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