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What Is There to Know About Gouyave, Grenada

Gouyave Grenada

Located approximately 20 minutes’ drive south of Petite Anse, lies the town of Gouyave. This coastal town was once the 2nd most important town in Grenada. Known as the ‘Fishing Capital of Grenada’, the town has an interesting history and a few interesting things to see and do.

If you’re thinking of hiring a car during your stay with us at Petite Anse, then it’s certainly an entry for your places to visit list.

A Potted History

The town of Gouyave has a fascinating history and has played it’s role in the development of the island. Fedon’s Rebellion took place in Gouyave on 2nd March 1795 when a major battle took place between the British and local men. Over 30 people were killed on both sides. There are some accounts of those killed are listed in the Anglican Church which was built in 1834.

The town was previously known as Charlotte Town after the British Queen and it was a place of refuge for the hundreds of people who were displaced by the Great St George’s fire in 1775. Some stayed in the Old Hotel building, which you can still see today.

Many important and rich merchants lived in the town as it was free port and a naval base for the French insurgents.
The town was known as Duncan’s Town before being called Gouyave in recognition of the abundance of guava fruit in the town.

Facts about Gouyave that you need to know

The winner of the London Olympic Gold Medal for 400m is hails from Gouyave. Kirani James is a national sporting hero and he also holds the World record for the fastest 400 metre run for a 14 year old. Kirani is held in high regard for his talents, commitment and dedication to his sport.

Things to do in Gouyave

Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Plant – as one of the largest processing factories for nutmeg on Grenada, it’s well worth a visit. Tours are available and you’ll have the opportunity to watch the nutmegs being chosen, graded and packaged. It’s also possible to buy a local jute bag personalised with your name or other words of your choice. Visit the plant shop at the end of the tour for souvenirs, packaged spices and clothing.

Fish Friday – a weekly festival held where you can eat all kinds of fish cooked in all kinds of ways. Whether you like it grilled, fried or in fish balls, take your pic as the music plays and the rum flows.

Fisherman’s Birthday – On June 29th each year, it’s the Fisherman Birthday (after St Peter, the Patron Saint of Fishing) and a celebration and sailing regatta takes place. After attending a morning church service, the congregation and the priest will bless the colourful fishing boats that are pulled up on the shoreline of Gouyave.

If you haven’t hired a car but you still would like to visit Gouyave, you can visit in our Tasty Nutmeg Tour or on a bespoke tour with our tour guide, Richie. We also offer a car service to Gouyave for Fish Friday.

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