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Petite Anse Hotel and The Green Leaders Gold Level on TripAdvisor

As keen travellers, we know how important it is to protect the environment. It’s our aim to retain not only the beauty of nature but to use sustainable resources and be mindful of our impact as a hotel. This is one of the reasons why we as a green Caribbean hotel now hold the Green Leaders Gold Level on TripAdvisor.

We also continue to invest in our environmental efforts to meet travellers increasing interest in the protection of the environment. According to TripAdvisor insights program, 79% of travellers consider this when making their travel arrangement choices.

Before we started the construction process of Petite Anse Hotel ten years ago, we already had a list of what we wanted to do to help our local area to stay beautiful, clean and healthy. We are very aware that whatever goes beyond our local area. Whatever we do feeds into the overall global effects on the environment.

With that in mind, it’s time we explained what this Gold Level award means to you. We will also look at what it means to us and to TripAdvisor website users.

What do we have to offer to qualify for the GreenLeaders Gold Level award?

It’s been six years since TripAdvisor started its Green Leader program. Petite Anse Hotel has been awarded the Gold Level for our environmental efforts.

When it comes to running an eco-friendly and green Caribbean hotel, we have invested in doing our bit to protect the planet and the local area. Our footprint is small when it comes to the impact that we make. From reusing linens to our vegetable waste for compost purposes to installing the most energy efficient lights to using solar power to meet our electricity needs, we have the planet in mind.

You can read more about how we operate to ensure that we make a minimal environmental impact here.

What did we do to Reach the GreenLeaders Gold Level award?

Here are some of the ways that we contribute to the protection of the environment:

  • We have installed a dirty towel policy to reduce the use of energy, water and washing detergents
  • When possible, we use local produce from both our own gardens and from local trusted growers. Fish and meat are sourced from local fishermen and producers when possible.
  • We support local conservation work including the Ocean Spirits turtle conservation program
  • By using LED bulbs and our own solar energy to heat water for the majority of our cottages, we conserve energy
  • We reuse, recycle and reduce waste
  • Sustainable materials from the region, such as hardwood sourced from Guyana, was used to construct our cottages and buildings. Our carpenter uses sustainable wood to make furniture and fittings.
  • Artwork from local artists. One artist in particular (Doliver) recycles materials for use in artwork, such as galvanise/corrugated iron in art pieces.

In the future we can see that it’s likely we may have to install an electric car charger if the island turns more towards such eco-friendly behaviours.


What about TripAdvisor?

Developed in 2013 in partnership with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program, the US Green Building Council and the United Nations Environment Programme, the program helps travellers to select green conscious accommodation. All hotels and B&Bs can win GreenLeaders status according to the green practices that are observed by them.

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum awards are given depending on how many green practices are being observed; the more observed, the higher the level awarded.

TripAdvisor has evaluated our eco-friendly practices against their scoring system of points and has found that we have met their requirements to qualify for gold level.

You can read more about our environmental efforts on our website.

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