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Caribbean Photo Guide: How to Take Spectacular Photos of The Hummingbird

400px-Antillean_crested_hummingbird-200x300When it comes to bird photography, it’s got to be said that the hummingbird must be one of the most challenging subjects to capture. However, we’ve been gaining quite a bit of practice since we’ve been living in Grenada, and here’s how to go about it.

Bring a Hummingbird Feeder with You

Anybody who is interested in photographing hummingbirds needs to be equipped with a hummingbird feeder. Although you’ll see plenty of hummingbirds in the trees, it’s quite another matter to encourage them to be in easy vision. Just make sure you buy one that is easy to clean and that you can fill them with sugar water.

Sugar water is easy to make. You just need to add 1 part sugar to 3 parts water.

Feeders, Perches and Flowers

Now that you’ve got a station for the hummingbirds to arrive at, your next challenge is for them to stay still. They are very busy birds and will be zooming in and out a lot. This is obviously quite a challenge for those who are trying to photograph them. Your best approach is to be patient and to stay still.

Many people who want to capture hummingbird photos will come equipped with a tripod or a monopod so that they have their camera at the ready. One approach is to remove the perches from the feeder and to plug up the different holes. Your hummingbird will be forced to hover over just one feeding hole.

You may even want to position the feeder so that it will provide you with a great background. However, keep the needs of the hummingbird in mind, and locate it where they can keep an eye out for intruders.

If you want hummingbirds to go to a particular flower, then you can always add some sugar water to the flower. However, you need to know that that blossom won’t have a life that will last much longer than the afternoon, so only do this sparingly.

Although taking images of hummingbirds is incredibly challenging, it can also be so very rewarding to have some to show friends and family.



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