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What’s It Really Like to Get Married at Petite Anse Hotel in Grenada?

If you’re considering getting married in Grenada, then you may want to add us to your shortlist.

As a hotel that is exceedingly interested in our guests having a wonderfully memorable time on their special day, we thought we’d put something together on what it’s like to get married at Petite Anse Hotel.

getting married in Grenada

Our guests are very important to us. We aren’t the same as the big hotels and are keen on you having a bespoke wedding that is designed to suit you and your loved one.

We also like to ensure that we provide what you’re looking for when it comes to all the right touches for your special day. After all, the wedding day is such an important part of the couple’s love story – we like to get it right and make it a time to remember and treasure forever.

So that you can see for yourself what people have said about getting married at Petite Anse, we’ve chosen a random collection of some of the testimonials left by guests on TripAdvisor.

You can access all the reviews for weddings by clicking here.

A wedding that is perfect for you

Your wedding day is your special day and we are very flexible. You can choose everything to suit your preferences. This includes where you’d like to get married and who by. We offer access to a number of officials of differing faiths. You can also choose what happens, what is said and when you get married.

Weddings that we’ve held in the past have all been very different. For example, some of our couples have chosen to get married on the beach with an audience of 40, whereas others have opted for just the two of them under our wedding arch.

When it comes to catering, we can offer you everything from canapes to champagne to a four-tiered wedding cake. For the latter, we do require some notice.  We can also supply fresh flowers and a beautiful bouquet using flowers of your preferred colours (subject to availability) which are available as part of your wedding package.

getting married in Grenada

Paperwork for getting married in Grenada

With regards to paperwork, we can also help to organise this. You will need to take a trip down to St George’s (the capital city) to make the arrangement. We can suggest and make an appointment for you to get married by the minister of your choice. Annie (your wedding planner) is also qualified to marry you if you wish. It really is up to you.
In addition, we can organise a professional photographer to take your official wedding photos. If you need bridesmaids, page boys or even a steel pan band to make your day just right, just ask. Read more about what you officially need to get married in Grenada here.

getting married in Grenada

Wedding day ideas

Some ideas that you may want to consider are:

  • Get married in a heart-shaped arrangement of shells on the beach as the waves gently kiss the shoreline.
  • Tie the knot on our terrace. You’ll have the wonderful view of the Caribbean Sea and the Grenadine islands as your backdrop. Fantastic images!
  • Transform your trip into a marriage and a honeymoon – you just need to be here for three days to conform to the requirements of Government of Grenada. You’ll just need to bring the relevant documents with you.

To discuss your wedding plans, get in touch with us today.

getting married in Grenada

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