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Petite Anse Hotel in the Community


Petite Anse has always made a positive difference to the community. Even in our first days in Grenada, when we are constructing the resort, we made it our policy to hire local people to not only do the main part of the build but to also craft extras such as our doors and furniture.

As time has passed, we’ve sourced produce from local growers and purchased fish from local fishermen. We’ve even gone so far as to promote local artists as much as we can. We are thankful that we’ve been accepted into the community with such warmth and want to play our part when it comes to contribution too.


We also help the community in other ways. For example Annie has an interest in the health of community members and is often seen at the local home for the elderly to contribute her nursing knowledge from the UK in addition to her counselling techniques. Overall we feel that the hotel has made a positive impact in terms of economics and well being.

Here’s an overview of Petite Anse’s involvement in community projects:

Local Staff

Local people who are hired to run the hotel are also put through a program of training and personal development. We are keen that they are able to be self-sufficient and resourceful for future. We also use the services of other local people including tourist guides, boat owners, taxi drivers and a blind masseur.

Local Produce

Nearly all of our fresh produce is either grown on our land or we source it from local trusted growers, including the economic development initiative, The Goat Dairy.

Local Wildlife and Nature

We actively support the local leatherback turtle initiatives, Ocean Spirits and St Patrick’s SPECTO organisation.. We also look for opportunities to support other wildlife in the area.


Father Mallaghan’s Home for Boys

Father Mallaghan’s Home for Boys is located in the nearby town of Victoria. Unfortunately there are number children in Grenada who have had a childhood that has been disadvantageious. The home has taken in many boys, some of whom have passed through and gone onto be successful at being independent. The home has given them a stable sanctuary and a number of positive relationships that have steered them away from unfruitful directions. They have space to dream and to continue standing.

Annie has supported the home and incumbents tirelessly. ‘Pack for a purpose’ is something that returning guests are encouraged to do as this makes such a difference to the local children and the orphans who live in the boys home in Victoria.

Items that make all the difference include:

  • School pencils
  • School pens
  • Stationary
  • Clothing such as boxer shorts (often repurposed as swimming trunks, pyjamas and underwear)

Charitable Contributions

Petite Anse is also recognised for it’s charitable contributions to a number of local projects and people in need. If you would like to get involved, and help to make a difference by making a contribution, please ask.




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