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Meet Cecil, the Chef of Petite Anse Restaurant

Its-your-Birthday-Big-boy-300x225Cecil has been working here at Petite Anse for over a year now and hails from St George’s (the capital of Grenada).

So that you know who is behind the helm, here’s an introduction to the great man, known as Cecil the Chef.

Q. What is your background in cooking

A. I’ve worked on a lot of cruise ships including Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. I then came back to Grenada after spending some time working in New York and after travelling around and worked at the restaurant in the LaLuna restaurant.  I’ve been cooking for over 20 years now and I love it!

Q. For people who are new to Petite Anse and even new to the cuisine of Grenada, what do you recommend that they try?

A. Local dishes are a must. Go for conch (locally it’s known as lambi), the great Grenadian favourite – oildown and of course any of the local food as it will have been well seasoned with local spices. The snapper is pretty good too!

Q. What is currently in season that you’re making the best of?

We’re well into the grapefruit season, sorrel is still here too and so are oranges, lemons and limes. All fantastic for juices. Another very popular juice is that of golden apple. You can find that in the months of December to March. Otherwise we’re waiting for mangoes to come back around now.

Q. What is your specialty dish?

A. To be honest, I’m not really a specialist in any one particular dish. I am open to take on any challenge when it comes to cooking.

Q. We often have newly-weds who have been married in the hotel, honeymoon couples and those celebrating an anniversary in Petite Anse. Which meal would you suggest for our romantic couple to eat as a private meal on their balcony?

A. Ah.. the romantic couples would do well to enjoy a little crispy duck, or maybe a rack of lamb  for their verandah meal. I’ll serve it with some christophine, callalou, pumpkin and eggplants (aubergine) with a very nice wine.

Q. How about the different sundries that you make in Petite Anse? I’ve heard a lot about them.

Yes we make our own bread by hand, we also bake a lot of cakes and make local ice cream. At the moment we’re attempting to make some chocolate ice cream from Grenada’s own chocolate.

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