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Why Do People Choose to Stay at Petite Anse?

Why do people stay with us here at Petite Anse? We’re wondering that too. Here’s what we discovered by looking at the best data we could find – our reviews.

We’ve been just as curious about this as you must be. To satisfy our enquiring minds, we recently delved into the depths of our TripAdvisor reviews so that we could give you (and ourselves) an idea of why people decide to stay with us. Some people come back many times too!

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Top 5 Reasons Why People Stay at Petite Anse Hotel

Here are the top 5 reasons that we could find in our reviews so that you know what to expect.

The top 5 reasons people stay with us are:

1. Relax and unwind

To unwind. We’ve been told by many guests that we offer the perfect place to unwind and de-stress. Some people mention that it’s the location which is very much situated in nature and therefore very refreshing. We’ve got THAT amazing view of the Caribbean Sea all the way to the Grenadines that some people say is the best in Grenada. We are in 5 acres of lush vegetation on the north coast of Grenada with our own beach. If you don’t feel refreshed when you leave, then we’ll eat our hats!

“This is a fine property for those looking for a stay AWAY from the typical Caribbean beach resort.” – PerfectMartini, New York

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2. Off the beaten path

We are off the beaten path. Located far, far away from popular tourist areas such as Grand Anse, you won’t come across any traffic jams in our area. Most likely the only reason you’ll get held up on the road is that a herd of goats is in your way. St Georges is a hot city in comparison. Guests tell us that it’s very refreshing to visit there for half a day and then come back to Petite Anse. We are where the breeze blows, and the temperature is cooler. It’s far more comfortable.

“The hotel is off the beaten path and sits on a beautiful beach area with great trade winds. We could feel the calm as soon as we arrived.” – PatD, Maryland

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3. Friendly and welcoming

Our employees are friendly and welcoming. You’ll be greeted as part of the extended family of Petite Anse by our staff with a ‘good morning’, ‘good day’ or even the local greeting of ‘good night’. It’s part of the natural friendly ambiance of Grenadians, and you’ll feel the warmth. Many of our TripAdvisor guest reviews comment on the friendliness of our employees. There’s also the one rule of the hotel, which is to make yourself at home, which you can read more about here.

“Every staff member was so nice, from the maintenance man to the bartender to all the wait-staff to the owners. Everyone was welcoming, charming, and seemed genuinely happy to be there. Out of the 3 hotels where we stayed, the staff at Petite Anse were by far the friendliest.” – CDKyle, Washington DC


4. The view

The spectacular view. We may be biased but, in our opinion, this is pretty much one of the best views on the island. Your eyes will stretch over the Caribbean Sea all the way to the Grenadines. It’s refreshing, and with the colours constantly changing with the natural light and weather conditions, you’ll never get bored of it.

“The view from every corner was breathtaking!” – LID Sailing, Grenada


5. The food

Our food is made using mostly local ingredients. What’s even better is that most of them are organic, we know because we grow a lot of them ourselves. Most of the fruit we use we harvest from our gardens and we maintain a kitchen garden for herbs and seasonings. Otherwise, we source locally caught fish and locally grown produce from trust growers. You can taste the freshness as it hasn’t had to travel far to reach your plate.

“The food is absolutely brilliant- I had fish every night as part of the 3 course meal. The portions are huge and whilst staying here we gave up the idea of lunch as breakfast and dinner were so good. Late afternoon was the ideal time for a piña colada- which are the most delicious I have ever tasted. Breakfast was buffet style with cereals, yoghurt, fresh fruit, cooked breakfast etc.” – MagicTravelMoments, Brighton, UK


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