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Our Thoughts Are With Those Affected By Hurricane Irma

For many, it’s only today that the reality of the result of hurricane Irma sweeping through some of the northern most Caribbean islands, is being fully absorbed.

Irma has destroyed many properties in addition to causing catastrophic infrastructural damage to the islands of Anguilla, St Martin/St Maarten and Barbuda. She has also impacted the British Virgin Islands and the US Virgin Islands and is on a mission to affect other islands on her way to the tropical mainland state of the United States, Florida.

The population of the Caribbean region and further afield are of course, very concerned about the wellbeing of those affected. It will take a long time to recover from such a disaster, both materially and psychologically.

We reach out our hearts to those affected and the friends and relatives of those affected. They are in our thoughts as they try to comprehend what has happened and struggle to contact their loved ones.

People of the Caribbean are known for traveling to other countries to seek work and there are also Grenadians in St Martin, Anguilla and the other affected islands.

Grenadians will also be remembering when hurricane Ivan barrelled across their island causing extensive damage and destruction.

If you would like to donate to help those who have been left without homes, food or clothing you might like to do so through the Red Cross.

French Red Cross

Antigua Red Cross

Netherlands Red Cross

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