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Petite Anse Homemade Ice Cream Flavours

We make our own ice cream and it’s always been a big hit with our guests and visitors here at Petite Anse. We pride ourselves on our extensive offering of flavours. Each of our blends is created with fresh produce where possible. Once in a while, our kitchen team enjoy exploring some of the more unusual creations. Our ingredients are fresh and pure from local sources and our ice cream is made by hand using our own recipes.

Grenada ice cream

Our ice cream flavours are fresh and sometimes unusual

Here are some flavours that you might find on the Petite Anse menu:

  • coconut
  • vanilla
  • passionfruit
  • mango
  • golden apple
  • soursop
  • papaya
  • chocolate
  • mint
  • banana
  • nutmeg
  • avocado

How about a tangy homemade sorbet?

Occasionally we’ll even break out into the world of refreshing and tangy sorbets and you can enjoy flavours such as:

  • papaya sorbet
  • lemon sorbet
  • lime sorbet

The restaurant at Petite Anse is known for good food with the influence of Europe and the Caribbean. We sometimes have a touch of Asian too!!  We grow our own produce in our kitchen garden or up at the owner’s plantation house lush gardens. What we don’t grow, we will source from trusted local suppliers who we know individually by name.

Drop by and visit us sometime and taste one of our ice cream creations.


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