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7 Ways to Make Yourself at Home When Staying at Petite Anse Hotel

As Annie says, there is one rule and one rule only about staying at Petite Anse – and that’s to make yourself at home.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of 7 different ways to help you to follow this rule and truly make yourself at home.

Please read carefully. Here they are:

1. Help yourself to the library in the office and the magazines on the large table in the dining room. They are there for your use, and you’ll find something to suit all tastes and moods. From Hello magazine to the foreign language novels.

You can read it by the pool or take it back to your room to read. We’ve added a hammock to every room to help you feel at home. You may not have a hammock at your home, but it’s a great way to really chill out and get that same relaxed and comfortable feeling that you’d feel at your home.

make yourself at home

2. Enjoy a fresh coffee or one of our variety of teas anytime through the day. Ask for something from our selection of homemade snacks such as the delicious banana cake, granola bars, a bar of fresh local Grenadian chocolate or even one of the delicious homemade ice creams.

make yourself at home coffee

3. Relax on the beach reading on a sun lounger listening to the sea. Although it’s incredibly peaceful around here, it does have some white noise. The sound of the waves repeatedly kissing the shoreline makes for great background noise for relaxation.

make yourself home beach

4. Chat with our friendly staff. Grenadians (in particular from the parish of St Patrick – which is where we are located) are some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean – yes you’ve read that right. We are biased, but it’s true anyway. They love to share their pride in their Island and will give you tips on how to make the most of your time here!

5. Take a trip. Go to our office to discuss excursions of your choice from a trip to Sandy Island to an Island Tour with one of our wonderful and deeply knowledgeable guides.

6. Go for a walk. Check out all the hiking trails we have around the hotel and further afield. From 20 minutes to two hours with many passing through stunning tropical forests with vividly colourful plants, trees and wildflowers. On Sundays, there is an organised and somewhat popular walk to our friend Bev’s Bar at Duquesne. Quite often neighbourhood residents will join in and it’s a great opportunity to work up an appetite for the popular BBQ Buffet Lunch.

hike grenada

7. Do some stretches. We’ve got yoga mats that you can use on your terrace/balcony or you may just want to stretch out in our pool. A little exercise adds to the feelings of wellness that will develop during your stay.

Ok, here’s an eighth bonus tip. Enjoy the pets. Finally, you’ll notice a few pets around and sometimes even a donkey.

We do love happy guests, and we will do all that you can to help you enjoy your stay with us here at Petite Anse.

Finally, a quick reminder. There is only one rule, and Annie made this rule up herself, and it’s also her favourite (and only) rule. It’s to “make yourself at home”. So whatever you do, do follow this rule! Otherwise, things could take a pretty unpleasant turn for the worst!

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