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3 Must Have Fruits of Grenada


Grenada is well renown for amazing fruits. The three fruits you have to try if you’re visiting Grenada are papaya, custard apple and soursop. Each one is extremely sweet and tastes like a piece of heaven. Since these fruit are freshly grown in Grenada you can always be assured that they are fresh and tasty.

1. Papaya
Papaya is gaining popularity in the western world but it still remains a fact that it isn’t as sweet as you can find it in Grenada. This succulent fruit is meant to have the seeds scooped out and then the meaty flesh eaten. The fruit is ripe when the skin has an orange hue and feels soft. You can eat the fruit as it is or if you like you can add it to food for a more Caribbean taste to your dishes.

2. Custard Apple
If you haven’t heard of custard apple maybe you have heard of them by another alias. They are also commonly referred to as a bull’s heart or a bullock’s heart. The great thing about a custard apple is that it doesn’t always come in the same size or shape. It comes in different shapes and sizes. While the fruit is absolutely delicious to eat it can make a very rich drink and if wanted can be used as a substitute for milk.

3. Soursop
While this fruit has an unusual name, the flavor and texture of this fruit is simply divine. Grown from an evergreen tree mostly in warm climate areas like Grenada this fruit is not found everywhere in the world. When people initially taste the fruit it is said to have a flavor that is comparable to a combination of strawberry and pineapple flavors as the initial taste notes, followed by a more creamy note such as banana or coconut. The exterior is quite prickly and cannot be eaten but the soft inside is a treat to devour. Just make sure you spit out those big black seeds!

The next time you’re in Grenada make sure you pick up one of these fruits to give your taste buds a twist and your immune system a boost!

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  1. What is that small red fruit that tastes like watermelon and the flesh is white with A marble sized seed?

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