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GUEST POST: 5 Luxury Getaways with a Difference

Vacations are often a time to treat yourself and indulge in things you wouldn’t normally do on a regular basis. These experiences can provide a memorable and unique stay in some of the most beautiful locations, plus teaming this with something a little out of the ordinary can offer fantastic memories. Beach holidays are often a popular choice but looking at different options can open up a world of new and exciting activities and adventures. From sleeping under the stars to enjoying sampling summer is a quiet countryside haven; there is a location perfect for everyone with a little luxury added for ultimate comfort.

Cape Verde Islands

There’s no shortage of warm sunshine here, but for a holiday with a difference, these beautiful islands take you a world away from everyday living. This spot is made up of ten islands, which are dotted with cobbled and colourful towns and its lunar-like landscapes create an interesting element on any trip. On these islands, you’ll also get the chance to experience a range of activities from whale watching and exploring its incredible volcanic landscapes.

 The Aran Islands, Ireland

 These beautiful islands in the mouth of Galway Bay In West Ireland create the perfect spot to enjoy a serene atmosphere while surrounded by natural beauty. This destination is a world away from the bustle of everyday worries and transports you to a place of tranquility or for the more active among you, a place of adventure. To truly immerse yourself with the landscape and nature Ireland has to offer you, booking an exclusive Ireland glamping experience along the coastline provides the perfect opportunity to get back to nature but also enjoy a comfortable and luxury getaway.


For a vacation bursting with ultimate relaxation, culture and stunning landscapes, Thailand is an ideal choice. This captivating spot plays host to a range of experiences from snorkelling near the Phi Phi islands to visiting the many temples dotted around the country. This location also offers a host of luxury stays with beautiful villas with infinity pools and a culture that is friendly and welcoming to all.

South of France

Known as one of the most stylish and beautiful regions of France, you’ll find a wealth of luxury stays with a difference here. Its locations are steeped in history with fascinating heritage and architecture to admire plus its impressive coastline is an ideal spot to top up the tan. This style of holiday puts you in one of the top cultural hubs of Europe and bursting with delicious eateries, vibrant shopping spots and interesting museums across the region.


For a truly unique experience, Iceland offers a variety of natural wonders and interesting city locations. There are many things you must visit on a stay in this fascinating country with highlights including the natural hot springs, volcanic creators, lava flows and waterfalls throughout its vast white landscape. Here you’ll also get the chance to spot the Northern Lights to complete your trip.

Luxury getaways don’t always have to feature sun-drenched beaches or azure waters and stay in one of these fabulous destinations opens up a world of experiences which pair perfectly with those little vacation extras.

Our guest writer is Alec Neufeld, a retired builder, now freelance writer and part-time general fix it man. He has strong opinions on the use of alternate energy and is also an avid sports enthusiast.



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