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The Best Time To Travel to Grenada

best time to travel to grenada

It’s no secret that the weather of Grenada is known for being one of the most appealing climates on the planet. Temperatures are generally in the 24 -29°C all year round. It’s never cold, and never roasting.

Most people will say that the best time to travel to Grenada is December to April. This is a time when it’s slightly cooler and drier. Most of our visitor who come to Petite Anse Hotel are from colder climes and want to come here to enjoy winter sun.

The rainy season runs from May to November and the island will be lusher and more beautiful. The hurricane season is from June to October, although these are rare this far south.

However, to be fair, the best time to travel to Grenada will depend on your budget and your interests. Turtle nesting, birdwatching and submarine species all have their favoured seasons.

In addition, May to June and late November to mid-December can often mean lower rates and less people – but still with the great weather for you to enjoy sunbathing on the beach, without too many other tourists around.

best time travel to grenada turtles

Leatherback Turtle Nesting

Every year Grenada sees a range of turtles hauling themselves up the beaches during March to September. Levera Beach- which is about 10 minutes-drive away is a popular nesting beach from leatherback turtles. You may also see hawksbill and green turtles. Turtle nesting peaks in April – June with eggs hatching two months later. Grenada has a turtle tour and conservation program run by Ocean Spirits. Watching the leatherback turtles nest under the moonlight is one of the most romantic activities offered in Grenada. We recommend that you consider turtle watching when thinking about the best time to travel to Grenada.

best time to travel to grenada


If you’re looking to do a lot of hiking during your visit, you might want to miss the rainy season. Not only is it more humid, but you’ll find the trails muddy and soggy – not the best conditions for nature walks. We recommend hikers to visit Grenada from late autumn to early summer for the best walking conditions. Any rainfall that does occur during your stay is just ‘liquid sunshine’ that provides relief from the heat and keeps the island green and the waterfalls flowing. Here are some of the top walking trails in Grenada.

Bird watching

Perfectly located between the cooler land masses of North and South America, Grenada is an popular stop off for migrants. Although we have our own colourful, species year-round, there are some interesting birds passing through from South America between May and September. From North America, the migrants pass between October and March. Here’s more info about birdwatching in Grenada.


Although the Caribbean Sea is always a wonderful temperature, the best visibility is between January and August. May to July is considered by dive experts to be the ultimate time to visit Grenada.

August Carnival

Carnival is a riot of colour and culture. Some love it and some don’t. Preparations start in June-July, so you may want to come early to catch the rehearsals. Our local town of Sauteurs in St Patrick’s has its own carnival.

best time to travel to grenada

Hurricane season in the Caribbean

The official ‘hurricane season’ runs between 1st June and 30th November. Although Grenada has had one or two in it’s time, it’s not so prone to being hit as some other islands that are further to the north. Hurricanes are not guaranteed anywhere, and any that do come to the Caribbean vary immensely in intensity and impact.

Being in the south, Grenada has severe storms far less frequently. Most hurricanes occur around Florida, Dominican Republic, Cuba and the Bahamas.

In summary, it really depends what your interests are and how you want to spend your time on your vacation / holiday with regards to when the best time to travel to Grenada is.

If after reading this and you’re still not sure, then feel free to contact us and we’ll see if we can help.

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