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10 Things to Know About Sandy Island in Grenada

sandy island grenadaDiscover Sandy Island, the paradise island off Grenada’s north coast.

There are some places in the world that remain completely unspoilt and Sandy Island in Grenada is a prime example.

Located just off the north coast, it’s the type of place that you won’t forget. It’s beautiful and a visit there will be something that you will treasure from the time you spend in Grenada.

We offer a trip to Sandy Island for our guests, but if you’re not staying with us, we can put you in touch with the tour operator.

Here’s what you need to know about Sandy Island.

1. There are two Sandy Islands in this part of the world.

One of them is located off the west coast of Carriacou, and this one is off the north coast of Grenada. The one-off Carriacou was hit by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, and was turned into a nature reserve. The one off Grenada has an old ruin on it.

2. You may have seen it on television

The island is so classically Caribbean beautiful that it was used as the backdrop for the (Bounty is a popular coconut based chocolate bar in the UK with a tropical brand). Here’s the commercial istself:

3. Birds love it

If you’re a bird watcher then you’ll be pleased to know that visiting the island is a great opportunity to see herons, blackbirds and hummingbirds up close..

Caribbean blackbirds on nearby Sandy Island

4. Check out the old hotel

There is a ruined building on the island, but no toilets, so come prepared and be sure to bring your sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses.

5. Get a BBQ fresh fish lunch

If you travel with our tour operator, you can arrange for him to cook your lunch for you – fresh fish and maybe even drink a fresh coconut picked from the tree especially for you.

sandy island boat trip grenada
6. You’ll remember this forever

Sandy Island will etch itself into your mind. It will give you one of those ‘go-to memories’ when the weather is bad, you’re really fed up with commuting or you just want to mentally escape…  you’ll have your Sandy Island to go to.

7. Check out the snorkelling

The snorkelling is fantastic – the water is crystal clear and blue azure. Something that you really have to see.

Sandy Island Boat trip
8. It’s not far from us

It takes around 30 minutes to reach the island on a small boat, you’ll pass a couple of other islands on the way, it makes for a truly memorable day out.

9. You can take the shortcut

If you are staying with us, ask the boats man to drop you off on our beach for a quick arrival. Then come up for a cocktail to celebrate the ending of a beautiful day out.

Sandy Island, Grenada

10. How about a romantic picnic?

We will send you with a picnic if you like. It’s very romantic and you’ll have some of the best quality time with your significant other. The island is quiet and not many other people usually go there.


Sandy Island is truly a beautiful place that you won’t easily forget. Book our Sandy Island trip today.

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