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3 Top Caribbean Bird Watching Spots in Grenada

If you’re looking for the best bird watching spots in Grenada, then read what Grenada’s resident bird watching expert, Anthony ‘Jerry’ Jeremiah said to Liat Airline’s Zing magazine about where to go.

Caribbean blackbirds on nearby Sandy Island
Caribbean blackbirds on nearby Sandy Island

In addition to being a dedicated wildlife conservation officer for the Forestry and National Parks Department here in Grenada, Jerry is also a bird watching guide on the island. He is currently working in partnership with the Grenada Dove Conservation Programme to protect Grenada’s endemic Grenada Dove. With less than 150 in the population, it’s important that the bird’s habitats and preferences are fully understood to help to secure its future.

Another endemic and endangered bird that you should aim to look for whilst you are here is the Grenada Hook Billed Kite.

Mt Hartman National Park and Dove Sanctuary

Located on the south-eastern Atlantic coast, the forest is home to both of these birds along with the Antillean Crested Hummingbird, Grenada Flycatcher, House Wen and Antillean Bullfinch. If you visit this dry forest that is mainly acacia trees, you may even see the Eared Dove, the Spectacled Thrush and the Caribbean Elaenia in addition to a good variety of water and shore birds.

Grand Etang Forest Reserve

In the middle of the island, this rainforest is around 800m above sea level. You’ll be able to catch sight of herons, ducks, grebes and osprey. Keep a keen eye out for Cocoa Thrush, the Antillean Euphonia and the Lesser Antillean Tanager. You may even see a Green throated Carib or a Ruddy Quail Dove.

Levera Beach
Levera Beach
 Levera Beach

Closer to Petite Anse Hotel,which is located on the northern coast, Levera Beach provides the best tropical island environment for ducks, raptors, seabirds and waders. Head to the Levera Pond (part of the beach) and Bathway Beach area.

In all there are over 150 birds with a mixture of endemic, endangered and migratory found in the freshwater ponds, lakes, forests, woodlands and mangrove swamps.

If you’re interested in bird watching with Jerry, we can put you in touch with him.

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