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Walking and Hiking in Grenada

walking hiking in GrenadaThere’s plenty of walking and hiking in Grenada to enjoy.

It’s a beautiful island and walking provides an opportunity to experience its wonders in full.

Petite Anse is a great location for walkers. We are surrounded by trails and have in-depth knowledge of where you can go. We even offer a Sunday morning hike for visitors or guests when we take a 2.7 mile walk to a nearby village.

Part of the walk is along the coastal path. When we reach the destination, there are refreshments at a rum bar. The hotel then collects walkers and brings them back for our Sunday BBQ buffet lunch. 

What’s particularly great is that there is something for everybody no matter your level of fitness. With plenty of walks of all grades, either you can take a leisurely stroll, try something a little more challenging or go for the extreme!

With mountains, waterfalls, lakes, beaches and coastal areas to explore, you can find something that will suit your preferences and interest.

Nature and birdwatching are well worth focusing on. There are waterfalls, nature reserves and many botanical specimens to spot. If history is your thing, then you’ll find several fascinating sites that play a strong role in the history of the island.

The benefits of hiring a walking guide in Grenada

If you are going to take a walk that is more challenging, then it’s advised that you hire a guide. Guides know which route to take, even when signposts are no longer in view and trails have become overgrown. They will point out interesting flora and fauna that would otherwise go unnoticed or would leave questions in the mind of the non-native. They’ll also provide a helping hand, literally, if the trail gets tricky.

Hiring a guide also provides financial support directly to the community – which is much needed in Grenada since agriculture is no longer such a burgeoning business on the island. Always hire a guide that has a good reputation and let other people know where you are going.

Keep an eye on the weather before walking


Of course, most people go to Grenada for the sunshine. However, when it rains there it pours. The month of Grenada is probably one of the wettest, and there can be some heavy downpours during this time.

Weather should play a part in your plans for walking. If you plan to walk on some of the more difficult trails, then you should know that heavy rain should not be ignored. It can cause landslides and flash floods in addition to swollen rivers.

Tracks and trails can become hazardous, even more so if there are high winds too. Listen to local advice, if people advise not to go – then heed their advice. We also recommend checking the Windy weather app. It’s very useful for providing fairly accurate weather forecasts.

There are several maps of local trails in the reception area of Petite Anse Hotel that you can take with you. Otherwise, Philip can arrange a walking guide who can accompany you on walks that are further afield.

Hiking and walking in Grenada is a wonderful reason to visit the island.

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