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5 Endangered Species that You Can Find in Grenada

The eco regions of the Caribbean and of Grenada have been found to be richly diverse and play host to a wide variety of flora and fauna. From the reefs in the Caribbean Sea to the moist rainforests that are found in the Grand Etang National Park, there are several species that are close to becoming extinct. Here we share with you 5 that you can still find – but if you want to see them, you should make plans to ensure that you don’t miss them:

The species of Eleutherodactylus euphronides is a tiny tree frog that is endemic to Grenada and can be found in the higher rainforests. There are just 11 reptiles that are endemic to the eco region that runs from Dominica to Grenada with just one of these being a species that is endemic to Grenada.


A leatherback turtle returns to the sea after nesting on Levera Beach, Grenada.




The largest of the marine turtles, the leatherback turtle is a frequent visitor to Grenada and is known to travel over 10,000 miles per year for feeding and mating purposes. Just 15 minutes from Petite Anse Hotel is Levera Beach, the main nesting site for leatherbacks. This species is classified as critically endangered.

Loggerhead turtles are migratory.

The loggerhead turtle is also highly migratory and plays host to over 100 species of plant and animal that are dependent upon its existence. It is recognisable by its large head and strong jaw and it’s shell is just 92cm which is half the length of the leatherback.

endangered species of grenada
Hawksbill turtle.


The Hawksbill turtle is the 2nd least populous after the leatherback in terms of nesting females with just 8,000 estimated. As with other marine turtles, their existence is threatened by over collection of eggs, fishing nets and loss of feeding and nesting habitats. They are of similar size to the loggerhead and have a narrow beak, similar to that of the hawk bird of prey.

The green turtle has been subjected to high levels of chemicals in their waters and suffer from tumours and from getting caught in fishing nets. They have a relatively small head and can reach up to 150 cms long. They are black-brown or greenish yellow in colour.

It’s important that the endangered species of Grenada are protected. They are at threat from a number of environmental threats such as garbage, climate warming, toxic waste, seasonal storms and more.

The beach at Petite Anse Hotel is visited by turtles including the magnificent leatherback turtle. We can arrange for you to see and experience the fascinating egg laying by the leatherback turtle on one of our local turtle watching trips  at Levera Beach for you.


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