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The Authentic Grenada Offers Far More Than Just Sun, Sea and Sand

The Authentic Grenada Offers Far More than Sun, Sea and Sand

Grenada is an island that is rich in cultural and political history. Its unique atmosphere extends far beyond the well know stereotype of its archetypal Caribbean beaches with sunshine, sea and sand.

Of course, if this is what you’re looking for, you can find it in abundance on Grenada’s impressive and very beautiful coastlines. But alongside its quintessential Caribbean offerings, Grenada has a huge amount to offer.

For one, Grenada moves on island time, and this is even truer up in the more quiet north coast villages. The country’s unique blend of being influenced by both communism and colonialism provide visitors with images of plantation houses alongside more modest dwellings. A vast array of wildlife and scenery make it the ideal setting for hiking. Crime levels in Grenada are low with almost all events being ‘crimes of passion’ in the local population.

If you’re looking for culture, be sure to visit these spots:


Experience the traditions of Caribbean Carnival on the island. Each town will host its own celebrations with the largest one being held in St George’s. Carnival has evolved with the times and now music is in the form of enormous speakers on the back of flatbed trucks, accompanied by a DJ or two and dancing girls. You will sometimes see an entire band on board.  The origins of Spice Mas are rooted in the masked balls of the French court. The African flavour of rhythm and dancing has been added and this has resulted into Carnival – one of the most fascinating and joyous festivals on the island.


Belmont Plantation House

Ooozing authentic Grenada, the plantation house that dates back to the 1600s provides culture in spades and barrels. Originally a producer of sugar and coffee, the estate now produces cocoa and nutmeg. You can watch the occasional dancing and drumming event in addition to  traditional ”dancing’ in the beans to turn them and polish them in large cocoa copper pots.

authentic Grenada

Gouyave Fish Friday

Almost every Friday evening, the fishing village of Gouyave will host a fishy spectacle.Make your choice from the evening’s catch of fresh fish. Cooked for you in a variety of styles including BBQ, fried, grilled, fish pie, fish quiche, fish pizza and lobster. It’s a seafood lover’s dream come true and it’s window into the culture of the island. You’ll hear the local’s favourite music and have the chance to try some fish cooked the local way. If you’re not driving, enjoy a beer or rum.

Welcome to the real authentic Grenada.





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