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UPDATE: The Hilarion Home in Sauteurs Roof and Sign

The Hilarion Home in Sauteurs has seen a few changes lately.

Time flies and it’s been over a year since we asked you to help donate towards the funds needed to replace the roof of our local Leonard Cheshire home for the aged and disabled in Sauteurs. You may remember Philip took to the streets of London in the Virgin Money London Marathon and together with you,  we raised over US$15,000 in sponsorship. In addition, we also collected many donations from friends, family, staff and guests.

Philip was featured in the local news.

You may also recall that Annie has been on the board of the Hilarion Home for sometime and makes regular visits to residents.

Hilarion Home Annie

Hilarion Home Roof and Sign Update

We’ve got good news for you. But first we want to thank you for your generosity in helping us by contributing to this much needed replacement. The roof was not in a good shape at all. If bad weather had arrived in Grenada, the roof could have flown off with any strong guest of wind. It also had holes and was going rotten. We very much appreciate the part that you all played in providing shelter and safety for the residents.

In addition, the sign outside of the property had seen better days. Sun-faded, tired and ready to be replaced with something with more life and pizzazz, it was time for it to go.

Here’s the roof in it’s sorry state.

Hilarion Home old roof


Are you ready for the good news?

Well here it is.

The roof of the Hilarion Leonard Cheshire Home has been replaced and is now finished. We’re so happy for the residents. They are now in a position where they don’t have to worry about losing their roof to high winds, endure leaks or watch it crumble away above them.

The sign for the home has also been replaced with a version that is fresh and far more appealing.

Here are some pictures for you of the new sign and the roof that you helped to acquire for the home.


Hilarion Home Sauteurs Sign


Hilarion Home New Sign
Another sign has also been added to the Hilarion Home on the building itself.
New roof on Hilarion Home Grenada
The new Hilarion Home roof from above.

New roof on Hilarion Home in Sauteurs, Grenada

So again, please do accept our thanks and appreciation for contributing to the local community. The residents love it and so does the board of the Hilarion Home. When the residents look above the roof, this is what they can see and feel and for that we are all thankful.

Hilarion Home Sauteurs thanks





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